New video for Camila Moreno’s ‘Te Quise’

By 31 July, 2013

Love. It either burns you up or rips you apart like dogs. At least, that seems to be the message behind the latest video from Chilean folk-pop singer Camila Moreno for her song ‘Te Quise’. There is an idealistic simplicity laced throughout the video, as Camila cavorts in the great outdoors, playing cards and enjoying picnics, while cruising around in an old camper van. Looks like fun to us. The only problem is that her other half, with whom she shares these carefree moments, is made from pillows stuffed in old clothes, and seems to get lynched by Camila over the bonfire, Guy Fawkes-style, at the end of the video. On top of the savaging by dogs that opens proceedings, we’re feeling pretty sorry for the poor old guy, especially as it’s his birthday as well.

But it’s a great little song, kind of reminiscent of Portishead on a rare sunny day, with a stripped-back tenderness that is nicely complimented by the video’s deceptive innocence and the tragi-romance between woman and human-shaped inanimate object. Here it is for you to enjoy and think of happy times, when life was respelendent in its purity and setting fire to your boyfriend while wearing warrior facepaint wasn’t the taboo that it’s cracked up to be these days.

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