Chile’s Midiset Chronicle Santiago Night Scene in ‘Reyes’

By 18 March, 2015

Chile’s impressive array of music videos featuring bicycles receives a new addition with the release of ‘Reyes’ fom Santiago beats collective Midiset. The video is like a night time video essay of the capital, with various episodes of the captial’s youthful inhabitants doing what they do, soudtracked to some very crisp electro and washed down with plentiful copete.

The video, directed by Felipe Cifra, takes in the city centre as well as some of the less-visited neighbourhoods on the outskirts, painting a picture of the city as becoming something else once the sun goes down. It’s a nice vibe, and liable to stir nostalgic pangs for anyone who’s spent much time there (one of my favoured off licenses appears, for example).

‘Reyes’ is the debut from Midiset, and is released on Cordón Industrial, an offshoot of the Diamante label.

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