Futuristic Yet Melancholic R&B From Chile In The Hands Of Yih Capsule

By 25 November, 2016

The relationship between Chile and hip-hop is nothing new, but with years of black music influencing the Chilean musical scene, there are high-end by-products of this relationships emerging with no delay. Experimental beats, rap/jazz bands and flourishing R&B singers are rounding out the house for a sweet treat to the more soulful listeners.

With the release of her latest EP, Go, Gissel Trujillo takes her Yih Capsule alter ego to the front line of alternative soul that has one foot set strongly in Santiago’s pop playground. The album features songs composed by the singer’s friends Elías Roca and Tomás Balut (a.k.a. TB) and co-production and mixing by the experienced beat-maker Oushet.

Languid melodies and sensitive lyrics are presented with a carefully designed aesthetic that delivers quality in every detail. Released in collaboration with the tropical beats imprint La Chimba Discos, the album is freely available to get and enjoy, so waste no time and take a listen to this memorable emotional trip.

Go is now available from Bandcamp

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