Get Ready For New Buenos Aires Festival ‘Al Espacio’ With An Exclusive Edit From Barrio Lindo

By 06 March, 2018

Roughly 10 years have passed since the subtropical electronic explosion started in Buenos Aires, when cumbia was the defining genre that changed the experimental musical landscape in South America. Times have changed and digital folklore is taking over, something you can see reflected in the work of labels like Fértil Discos, Shika Shika and the most recent additions to ZZK Records’ catalogue.

This new found diversity of sounds is reflected on this years Al Espacio festival, where artists El Chavez, Barrio Lindo, Danza Perfume, Paula Duró + Ale Sordi, Super Super Dub Station and DJ Humphrey Inzillo + Tutu Tucu, will join forces on March 17, from 17:00 PM at Ecos sustainable co-working space in Buenos Aires. Get ready for a spaced out electronic dub encounter inspired by ecology.

To heat things up, we have an exclusive track and edit by Barrio Lindo of a track by Savia Andina, a famous Bolivian band known for their take on traditional Andean music. The track is called “Kalanchito” and you can check it out below, while prepping yourself for “Al Espacio”.

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