New Astro single ‘Hawaii’ available as free download until 6th October

By 01 October, 2013

Even by the upbeat standards of Astro, new single ‘Hawaii’ is a stab of unbridled effervescence. Set to the sound of waves, seagulls, and a synth-riff that wouldn’t be out of place in an 80s Van Halen video, the song is a nu-kitsch homage to surfing, beaches, flowers and pineapples. Uncompromisingly chipper, it’s an aquired taste, but one which nonetheless reconfirms Astro as the kings of Chilean electro-pop.

Recently recorded in Los Angeles (the US version, not the town in southern Chile), the song came about on Astro’s North American tour earlier this year, when the band were offered the chance to go to the Red Bull Studios in LA.  According to singer Andrés Nusser (quoted in, “The whole process was very interesting and it made us really happy. We hadn’t recorded or written a song in three years, and in these three years we’ve learnt a lot as professionals and as people, but there was a lot to do. It’s the sensation when you realise that everything fits.”

To these ears at least, ‘Hawaii’ sounds like a rush job, a long way from the excellence of previous hits such as ‘Maestro Distortion’, ‘Ciervos’ or ‘Colombo’. The single is a stand-alone release and won’t be included on next year’s new album. If you can’t wait until then to hear some new Astro, the tune is available until 6th October from the Panamerika website as a free download. So can’t complain too much, but hopefully the new album will make bigger waves than ‘Hawaii’.


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