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New Music Video from Coladera Finds The Lusophone Trio Exploring Their Cape Verdean DNA

By 24 April, 2019

This suitably sensual video marks a lovely lyrical new album by Coladera, a Lusaphone trio who hail from Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde. This is the title track from the band’s second album and first official international release (out 29th March). Back in 2013, their first album sank without trace, which just goes to show that there’s no pleasing some people.

Listening to the track underlines the symbiotic blend of singer-guitarist Vitor Santana’s bossa background, singer-guitarist João Pires’ grounding in fado, and percussionist Miroca Paris’ island heritage of morna, batuque and funaná. Indeed, the trio took their name from another of Cape Verde’s fertile musical traditions, coladeira. As Santana explains, “In Brazil there is a lot of DNA from Cape Verde. You can find this DNA in many rhythms. One of them is coladeira. It’s a little bit samba, a little bit Bahia. Cape Verde is in the middle.”

Augmented on this delicious album by the Brazilian pandeiro master, the renowned percussionist Marcos Suzano, Coladera have already performed at New York’s ‘Summerfest’. Should they ever appear at a venue near you, they are not to be missed.

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