New video from Chile’s Disco Pegaos: DeMentira’s ‘20012011’

By 11 January, 2014

We’re big fans of Chilean underground house and electro label Discos Pegaos, partly because they have a cracking cast of stellar producers and beat-composers and partly because they always give their tunes away for free on the internet. One of their finest moments has been DeMentira’s Chimpancé EP in 2011 (available here as a free download), the label’s second-ever release after being founded three years ago.

As a crispy appestiser to DeMentira’s upcoming Sucedáneo EP, to be released, um, a bit later in 2014, Discos Pegaos has come up with a snazzy little video for ‘20012011’, one of the tunes off Chimpancé and a real beat-heavy beauty. It’s got the lot. Phat bass? Check. Demon synth? Check. Plentiful knob-twiddling? Check. Vinyl exploration? Check. As for setting the video in Steptoe & Son’s rag ‘n’ bone yard, really, I ask you, what more could you wish for?


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