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PREMIÈRE: Olmeca Exposes Emotional Cost of Violence on Latest Single

By 23 May, 2019

The root and repercussions of violence are brought to life in “La Balacera”, the latest single from Mexican-American rapper Olmeca. Harking back to his younger days, Olmeca asks that he not blame himself for the violence that he saw at his home and his community, bringing home the message of how violence can leave a deep emotional wound.

At the same time he sheds light on the reasons for why that violence exists, the unstable governments leavened by corruption and power play and the inequal state policies. In the video the rapper’s dual nationality is shown in the interlocking footage of him dressed as a mariachi in a cemetery (a fitting location for such a song) and in more traditional hip-hop ware in a studio shoot.

Olmeca (real name David Barrigan) was recently chosen as a 2019-2020 Kennedy Center Artist Fellow, in recognition of the social impact of his work.

Check out “La Balacera” below:

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