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São Paulo MC Rashid Releases ‘Música de Guerra’ Video Ahead of New Album Release

By 19 January, 2018

Yesterday São Paulo’s own Rashid launched his latest video, “Música de Guerra,” the lead single of sorts for his new album Crise, which also found its way to digital music platforms a day ago.

Crise is a unique album in that Rashid released almost all of it in 2017, calling the project Em construção as he built it over the course of the year, launching one song per month with either a video or lyric video for all but one song. He rounded out the track list for the official album with two previously unreleased songs. Standouts include “Sem Sorte,” in which the emcee details his faith in himself, his work ethic, and God as a counter against those that might think he and other emcees found success by luck.

“Estereótipo,” in my opinion the most important song of 2017, let alone of this record, details the harassment and discrimination that people of colour have lived with their entire lives and cites examples both specific to São Paulo, Rio, and Brazil as well as many discriminatory practices experienced globally, such as being followed in a store or asked to prove your property belongs to you. “Falemos de chances,” he raps, “mas aviso. Não existe igualdade para quem tem que correr atrás de quase 400 anos de prejuízo.” (“Let’s talk about chances, but I’ll tell you. Equality doesn’t exist for those that have to run behind almost four hundred years of prejudice”).

Rashid’s previous releases include Hora de Acordar, Dádiva e Dívida, Que Assim Seja, Confundindo Sábios and A Coragem da Luz – and they are all excellent. Collaborations with a variety of high quality producers plus sharp lyrics and an attention to the negatives and positives of life tend to be Rashid’s signatures. Crise, according to Rashid in a recent Facebook video explaining the album cover, is about both the external crises being felt economically and politically in Brazil and the world and the internal crises they can cause.

You can find Crise on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other streaming platforms. Rashid’s first performance of the year takes place in Salvador this Saturday, January 20, with Kamau.

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