Very Be Careful: ¿Remember Me From The Party?

By 08 November, 2012

Vallenato kings Very Be Careful are back with a new album and it’s a fun one. 

¿Remember Me From The Party? is the Los Angeles-based band’s sixth studio album. The 12 tracks explore the roots of authentic vallenato music while adding high-octane doses of punk unpredictability to the mix.

Inspired by their parents’ record collection, brothers Arturo and Ricardo Guzmán, Dante Ruiz, Craig Martin, and Richi Panta founded Very Be Careful and set out to play exclusively accordion-driven Colombian vallenato back in 1997, long before cumbia crossed over to the cosmopolitan crowds of the northern hemisphere.

This album includes five covers of classic Colombian vallenatos and seven original compositions, including “El Mosquito,” where Arturo Guzmán sings about “a mosquito that bites you at night and needs to be killed.”

¿Remember me from the party? is out on Oct. 9 on Downtown Pijao. Check it out on iTunes here.

Download the single “El Rapidol” by visiting our friends at Remezcla.

Read a Q&A between Very Be Careful and S&C’s Russ Slater from 2010 here.

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