Afrosideral – El Olimpo de los Orishas (LP)


Heavy, rhythmic electronics from Cuban producer Afrosideral. This one is all about the interplay between beats and percussion, as well as paying debts to Cuba’s Afro deities.

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Wonderwheel Recordings

“A brand new project called Afrosideral from Cuban producer, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Kumar Sublevao Beat. The result of what he’s called the Afrocuban Electronic Ensemble – Afrosideral mixes modern electronic production with dub sensibilities with rhythms and melodies inspired and in tribute to the legacy of the Yoruban people. The El Olimpo de los Orishas album is a chant to the universe from the ancestor’s voice. The rhythms of the drum, trance & meditation converge into a record that samples & modulates the musical DNA of Kumar’s heritage.”