Nicolas Jaar – Telas (2xLP)


How do you even begin to describe what Jaar is up to? It’s breath-taking, shape-shifting, emotionally-charged, never-repetitive music from an absolute master.

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Double black & clear vinyl in gatefold jacket

“Here, again, it’s the odder and more elemental devotion to semi-narrative, ambient, and concrète sounds that we loved in Pomegranates — though Telas is more refined, with less sudden shifts and vignettes. An hour of self-reflective music is shaped incrementally; building and collapsing across the four sides.

Telas evokes a kind of monastic retreat. Where Pomegranates seemed epic in its scope and shifting scales, this album conveys images of quieter moments spent tending to a vegetable patch within a cloistered garden, perhaps, or the threading of a tapestry with filigree. Nicolás moves slowly and deliberately throughout, manipulating gauzy fibres and room-tone, or fluttering around his cryptic actors, so that when bursts of clarity and emotion appear they take on a deeper character.

There’s a greater sense of contemplation and patience in the album’s logic, pointing to a conception of art, melody, and sound which is continuously under construction. Together with sister-album Cenizas, and recent Against All Logic material, it feels like there’s a centre being defined and meditated upon.”

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