PREMIÈRE: Wara Deliver Message of Solidarity for Latin American Migrants in Epic New Video

By 11 February, 2021

It took London-based Wara three years to make their latest video, and the lengthy gestation period is more than justified. Filmed in six countries, “Yo No Me Voy” (“I’m Not Leaving”) is a message of solidarity for Latin American migrants, who are the protagonists of the film.

Shot by Zoe Fayaud (as well as members of the group) in Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain and the UK, we see a dancer saying goodbye to her family, suitcase in hand; we see a bride holding her passport, hinting at the reason for nuptials; we see migrants doing jobs ranging from office executives to selling seafood at a market; we see families and friends together and torn apart; they are the many faces of migrancy, those who have travelled from Latin America to the global north, and those who have been left behind.

“We have all made decisions about what part of our lives we chose to take with us in our suitcase”, say the group about documenting these experiences. “We have all called home and missed our families. We have all started a new life in a country that we didn’t know. We have all felt overwhelmed by the unknown. We have all been discriminated against; some a little and some a lot, for being immigrants. This collective ‘story of us’ was what we wanted to convey in the music video.”

With its black and white visuals and taut arrangement, anchored by bass and percussion, “Yo No Me Voy” is a powerful statement of identity that is clearly fuelled by the group’s own experiences. Here’s Eliane Correa, an émigré with Cuban-Argentine roots, and the group’s keyboardist and chief creative force, to explain the song’s message:

“It’s a celebration of us, Latinx immigrants; our stories, our journey… and a call to empowerment, because no matter how much the media and politicians try to blame us for dirt that isn’t ours, WE KEEP THIS COUNTRY RUNNING, and we have exactly the same right to be here as everyone else. So f*** the invisible pecking order – lift your head up, Latinx, nobody can pull you out of here. This is your home too. No-one is illegal.”

“Yo No Me Voy” is released on 12th February (available here), and features on Movimientos Records’ compilation Santuario / Sanctuary, which is available for pre-order on Bandcamp and released across all digital platforms on 5th March

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