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Wara Search for ‘Tiempo’ In Latest Single/Video

By 15 November, 2019

Latin-London collective Wara are back with a full-on statement of intent for their first release, remarkably, since 2013. “Tiempo” is a blistering bass-heavy monster with a strong dembow groove that asks us to make a little time for each other.

That’s the message coming from Fedzilla and Juanita Euka, the two vocalists who share the spotlight on this bilingual treaty to treat each other with the gift of time. “I got all the time in the world for you” goes the chorus, and this is what they want you to say much more often. Here’s the band to explain it better:

“As immigrants in London, we learn to make the most of our time here to make our presence count every day. There’s a sense of urgency generated by the uncertainty of whether we will be able to stay for another month, another year, another five years. “Tiempo” is about dropping your to-do list and meeting up with that friend you’ve been wanting to see for a while instead. Dropping your worries about the future. The hundred dollar face cream that promises to keep you young forever? Drop that one too. We can’t cheat time. Go out, sal a perrear, la vida es corta.


“Tiempo” was produced by the group’s Eliane Correa alongside their drummer Ernesto Marichales. It’s the first of a set of singles that will be dropping very soon. You can listen to the track on the normal streaming culprits.

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