Review Olmeca – Define


Following the release of two singles, “Define” and “La Balacera”, bilingual hip-hop artist and producer Olmeca this year released his debut album Define.

The album begins with the title track “Define”, featuring an abstract, social message. The track has the melody and beat of trap and, at the same time, a great break with a pre-Hispanic percussive rhythm and a sweet trumpet arrangement at the end. “The Hope” follows it with more pre-Hispanic sounds and a tribal rhythm which switches into a downtempo hip-hop beat.

The retro touch in the music continues in “El Solitario” which features a classic 70s sample from Los Angeles Negros, along with a great guitar solo and vocals from Alex Chavez which bring something different on the chorus. “El Frio” and “The Change”, which both also feature Chavez’s vocals, continue this backwards-facing vibe, the first sounding like a 70s ballad and the latter mixing a break beat and guitar and organ melody for a retro rock sound.

On “La Familia” we also hear the conscious, anti-establishment message that runs through the album, with Juan Montelongo singing about social problems and how family is important for supporting you.

Overall, Define, is marked by its evocative production, merging hip-hop beats with elements of rock and soul for a retrogressive sound. Yet, it is also an album that speaks of the ills of today, with the lyrics deserving special mention.

Define is available from various platforms

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