Best Compilations of 2019

By 20 December, 2019

Our pick of some of the best compilations released this year, including many that are free-to-download. This year’s choices offer an eclectic mix of electronic artists alternating between Afro-Latin and indigenous inspiration, Brazilians getting down to some swinging guitar riffs, Andean party anthems, Colombian eclecticism and the little-known sounds of the São Tomé and Principe islands.

Albums chosen by David Bugueño, Gabriel Francis, Frank Kinsey, Humberto Loopz, Pablo Molina, Adailton Moura, Mark Sampson and Russ Slater

Noche Africana Vol. 1 (Chile)

Music from Chile’s Noche Africana club night – cutting-edge dance music meets African rhythms and heritage.

Colombian Soul Compiled by Tricky D (Colombia)

A cornucopia of new Colombian music that does not fit easily into any category, but undoubtedly has lots of soul.

El Camino de Leda (Argentina)

A tribute to one of Argentina’s most beloved folklorists and musicians Leda Valladares. Features just about every important electronica producer in Argentina.

Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia (Brazil)

Feisty sounds from the Amazon, with carimbós and guitarradas sending the world (and many parties) into a spin.

Proyecto Zambo (Peru)

Another tribute, this time for Afro-Peruvian cajonero and singer Arturo “Zambo” Cavero, with Tribilin Sound and Rolo Gallardo leading a strong group of interpreters.

New Latam Beats from Argentina

The Latam Beats compilations came good once more with eclectic electronic sounds from Argentina, as well as Peru (another fine compilation to check out).

Léve Léve São Tomé & Principe Sounds 70s​-​80s

The little known sounds of São Tomé and Principe, two islands off the coast of West Africa which are not strictly Latin American, but play a mix of African, Portuguese and Brazilian-derived grooves that make this a great compilation for those wanting to dive into some of the lost gems of the Lusophone world.

Flora y Fauna: Ecosistema de Folklore Digital Argentino

A beautiful immersion into Argentina’s “digital” folklore with incredible producers like Chancha Vía Circuito, Klik & Frik, Kaleema and SidiRum leading the way.

Cantos Populares Do Brasil De Elsie (Brazil)

The ethnomusicological work of Elsie Houston takes the spotlight as some of Brazil’s most respected contemporary composers visit songs that Houston documented in the first half of the 20th Century.

Puro Tayta Shanti (Peru)

Party music from the Peruvian Andes – includes the sound of cows mooing in time to the music, and some of the most bone-shaking percussion out there.

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