PREMIÈRE: Amazonian Trio D’Água Negra Offer Ode to Resilience in Response to Pandemic

By 03 November, 2021

D’Água Negra are from Amazonas. The name of this trio, that is formed by Clariana Arruda, Bruno Belchior and Melka Franco, refers to the Rio Negro, which passes through Manaus, capital of the Amazonas state in north-western Brazil, engulfed by the Amazon rainforest. Yet, their sound completely escapes the music that this region is known for.

This is clear in “Acopalices” [the title a wordplay on “Apocalypse”]. The music is driven by modern jazz, but the vocals follow a more bossa nova line, with the three voices united in their harmonies. This gives a certain colour to the song, which is complemented by scats, background vocals, and call and responses. I also need to mention the brass section in the harmony, and the trumpet and sax solos which have prominence throughout the song.

In a poetic way, the lyrics deal with self-knowledge and resilience during this period of uncertainty. It’s a song about starting over after overcoming adversity and struggling with yourself through a period of hopelessness. It’s an attempt to rekindle a flame that almost burnt out.

The song is completed by a 1980s-style video, complete with vintage sepia tinge, and directed by Herberth Santana. It has softness and sensuality that reflects the Brazilian heat, and shows the beauty of bodies that are not always explored. The song, and video seem essential right now, to bring encouragement to this moment in which we live.

“Acopalices” will feature on the Erógena EP, due for release on November 23

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