IZADORÄ Finds Light in Darkness in New Solo Project on Hawaii Bonsaï

By 29 April, 2020

IZADORÄ is a new project from French musician Maud Cavalade in which she bonds traditional and electronic music, weaving her way through nu cumbia, Eastern music, downtempo and even tango, to create a reinvention that shows her inner self.

Her debut release is a new EP, Sol-Edad, released by Hawaï Bonsaï Records, which contains six tracks: an original mix, radio edit, an instrumental of the title track and three remixes by Solo Moderna, Pata de Perro and Cassetta.

This song is a ritual for her, owing to big changes in her life, giving her the force to continue, to grow and be reborn through the loneliness. The name “Sol-Edad” (which breaks up the word soledad (“loneliness”) into two other words, sol (“sun”) and edad (“age”)), gives us light our dark interior, showing how dark and light are always together. This is especially pertinent in theis current situation with COVID-19 enforcing solitude. As a result we need to take advantage of, and focus on, other ways to live and ease the suffering. “Sol-Edad” is an opportunity to find ourselves.

Sol Edad is out now on Hawaii Bonsaï Records

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