PREMIÈRE: ‘Terapia y Verbena’ Mix by DJs Elkin Pautt & modrums

By 13 February, 2018

As carnivals across Latin America and the Caribbean wind down, a New York City-based party in the spirit of champeta picó culture from Colombia’s coast is just warming up.

Terápia y Verbena” is a new party hosted by DJs Elkin Pautt (a native Barranquillero) and modrums (who has produced many pieces on Latin American and African music for Afropop Worldwide) at the Bushwick, Brooklyn, venue Starr Bar. The next installment is on Thursday, the 22nd of February at 9 p.m.

El picó is a massive, brightly painted sound-system and la verbena is an open street party where DJs play exclusive records from across the African diaspora, then remix the tunes live, adding vocal samples, iconic Casio keyboard sound effects and special champeta energy. (Read a fantastic piece on picós via City Lab.)

A picó. Pic via Joaquín Sarmiento/City Lab.

With their new NYC-based picó “El Gran Vacile Super Stereo Lazer,” DJs Elkin Pautt and modrums invoke the spirit of la verbena, playing specials from across the African diaspora: Congolese soukous, Nigerian highlife, champeta criolla, salsa, cumbia, mbaqanga, benga and more, mixed live with champeta style.

Enjoy the mix below and RSVP to the party on Facebook.

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