PREMIÈRE: First Taste Of Andean Bass Compilation from Eck Echo and Matraca

By 01 June, 2022

As two of the leading forces pushing the experimental-meets-traditional sounds of Peru and South America, Eck Echo and Matraca have come together to take a further step with Andean-inspired sounds. This is not your average folktronica downtempo compilation, you are driven on a search for higher highs and deeper landscapes amidst the largest mountain range of the world.

The first track to debut from this collection, “TierraKollavina (EstiloAymara)” by Ira Zema, adds a hardcore trip-hop beat to “Tierra Kollavina”, a seminal Puno anthem from composer Castor Vera Solano. Turns out that Solano is in fact the grandfather of Ira Zema, a breakthrough Peruvian producer and one of the curators behind this beautifully-crafted artisanal project.

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