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PREMIÈRE: MNTH Teams Up With ZOMES’ Hanna Olivegren On Pulsating ‘Pedra Sobre Pedra’

By 08 April, 2022

Originally written for a skateboarding documentary about a campaign to preserve notorious skate spot Vale do Anhangabaú in São Paulo from a neighbourhood regeneration campaign, “Pedra Sobre Pedra” from Luciano Valério (aka MNTH) is now being released in its own right. It’s a song that revels in its challenging textures, with glitchy beats and at-times-industrial percussion battling it out with serene wordless vocals from Hanna Olivegren (ZOMES) and pulsating, intermittent synths that threaten to take the song into blissful techno a la Jon Hopkins but never quite allow for that catharsis to take place.

The video, which very much like the song delights in overlapping textures that are not conventionally complimentary, was created and directed by Renan Cruz and Kaue Akimoto with images from the Rolê photographer’s collective in São Paulo.

“Pedra Sobre Pedra” is the opening track on MNTH’s Iminente EP, released today on Mais Um. The EP also features “Demanda E Despejo”, likewise taken from the Pedra Sobre Pedra skateboarding documentary, as well as remixes of both of the songs, including two versions of “Pedra Sobre Pedra” from Big Dada-affiliated Thavius Beck.

Iminente is released by Mais Um and available from maisum.lnk.to/IMINENTE

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