S&C Exclusive: El Búho’s ‘Mañana Tepotzlan’ from upcoming Cenotes EP

By 11 November, 2015

It brings us enormous happiness when someone from the Sounds and Colours family hits the big time. The latest is from UK producer El Búho, whose recent relocation to Mexico City has inspired his most striking work to date. Like all good digital cumbia superheroes, El Búho may wish for his identity to remain secret, so we shall delay no longer in presenting this stirring exclusive from the forthcoming Cenotes EP, which drops this Friday on the mighty Wonderwheel Recordings, home to Chancha via Circuito, Novalima, Nickodemus and various others.

The track is ‘Mañana Tepotzlan’ and you can get hold of Cenotes (whose artwork was created especially by Argentinian artist Lucila Domínguez) from the Wonderwheel Recordings bandcamp page. We hope you find these new sounds from El Búho (The Owl) as much of a hoot as we do.

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