David Barajas

Sounds of Mexico #11

By 19 November, 2021

We are close to the end of the year and artists never cease to surprise. I always say it, but the range of colours and flavours offered by Mexico’s contemporary music is so diverse, offering something for all types of moods. This time I have decided to choose songs that could be played during the daytime or at more mellower points of the day: from a song to enjoy while having a coffee in the morning, working at home, walking down the street or during lunch, or to soundtrack a meeting with friends, a sunset or you when making dinner, or to accompany your reflections before going to sleep.

I invite you to listen to Angie, Daniel, Me Estás Matando, Zero Drunk Stars, Mathilde Sobrino, Porter, Grecka, Immasoul, Yo Soy Matt, Sebastian Romero and Aldo Carpes.

Daniel, Me Estás Matando “No Sabía

To start the day, an authentic and innovative romantic bolero. The sound of the glam bolero orchestrated by Daniel, me estás matando has managed to bring out our most melancholic, romantic and nostalgic side. A careful, vintage duet, ideal for having a coffee in the morning. “No Sabía” is part of their long awaited year-end album Grandes Éxitos del Bolerogram Vol. 2 to be released Friday, November 19th.

Angie “Todo Contigo”

To continue the day, a contemporary bossa nova, Angie is an emerging artist indicative of the new wave of national composers. “Todo Contigo” is part of her first EP Dharma, a mix of rhythms, Latin R&B sentiments, a very identifiable voice and warm production. On this song she sings an ode to young love.

Grecka “Agraduele”

On the way to work, to the office or walking the dog, Grecka’s reggae pop rhythm won’t let you miss a beat. The touches of trumpets and new soul harmonies make for the perfect combination. This is Grecka’s first release, but already shows she has the musical quality to go far. “Agraduele” transmits that feeling when something hurts you but pleases you.

Immasoul “Natural”

This song takes me to listening to music in my car, on a highway or in the city. Immasoul is one of the most important Latin R&B singers in Mexico. “Natural” is the name of the track and her latest album, which is loaded with experiences and soul rhythms in an exquisite fusion, and messages of anguish and intimacy; deep and poetic lyrics that lead you to reflection.

Porter “Ranchito”

This song transmits happiness and an atmosphere of conviviality among friends at lunchtime. Porter are an iconic band from Mexico’s indie music scene; on each album they have managed to vindicate themselves and show their fine taste in fusions and musical innovation. “Ranchito” experiments with rhythms of traditional Mexican music with rock, folk, indie and more. A very cinematic, visual song, with a clear and colourful narrative. An anecdote, a story, a tale, a memory.

Then why not listen to YoSoyMatt during a sunset, Sebastián Romero at dinner and Aldo Carpes before going to bed, with Mathilde Sobrino and Zero Drunk Stars the perfect choices should you need to do a little exercise.

If you like to send Mexican music to listen to, you can do so by sending a link of your music to [email protected]

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