4 Recommendations from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Aspire Writers

By 05 February, 2018

Nearly every individual should have good writing skills, that’s for sure. But the reality is that not all of us are lucky enough to be born with the writing abilities that John Updike, Jorge Amado or Victor Hugo could boast of. A lot of college students all over the globe suffer the same – they find writing assignments so tough that they tend to put off studying till they have no time for it at all. For that reason, a lot of needy students look for research papers for sale online every time another assignment pops up.

How on earth did Jane Austin, George Orwell, Stephen King and all those great minds become writing gurus? While many famous and successful authors can guide you through the whole process of getting to the writing Olympus, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is here to land you a helping hand if you decide to pursue a career in writing.

Work Magic Here and There!

The great magic realism master opened up his special style in One Hundred Years of Solitude. The story comprises various fairy-tale elements such as good old alchemy, magical candies and carpets flying here and there. In masterly fashion, García Márquez blends supernatural and fantastical things with phenomena that are scientifically proved… you should try it!

Don’t Focus On Getting High Compliments

Unfortunately, many young writers are more focused on desired fame than on what they actually produce on a piece of paper. They can waste their precious time following critics rather than contributing to their own writing. A similar situation occurs in the case of college and university students, who are more concentrated about the grades. It’s García Márquez, who insists on the importance of writing instead of being famous.

Be Real

It goes without saying that practice makes perfect! The same rule applies to writing, says the master of the literary world. Thinking about young writers, Gabriel García Márquez insists that they write about something that has happened to them. Before you dive into the next college research paper or a novel, be there to practice writing the stories of your life. It’s always easy to identify if the author is talking about something that was an integral part of his life or just something he has been told.

Find Your Perfect Place

One of the stunning things about García Márquez is that he liked the noise of the typing machines, which pleased the author as if it was the sound of rain. If the machines stopped, the writer could not work anymore. Sounds quite weird, don’t you think? But when it comes to the perfect writing environment, there’s a bit of a quirk in every other case. Make sure to find the writing location where you’re sure your words will flow effortlessly!

You can apply this simple guidance by one of the most prominent contributors to the development of Latin American culture and literature in your own works. Whether you’re a newbie author or a college student, struggling with every other writing assignment, the most important thing is that you keep writing. And just like the avid dreamer from Latin America, you’ll get though the darkest periods with a firm step and proud eye.

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