5 Colleges for Studying Spanish in Latin America

By 24 October, 2019

Learning a new language is a welcome challenge because it’s fun and rewarding. Aside from being able to communicate with a whole new group of people, you get to see words from a different perspective. Of all the languages you can choose to learn, Spanish is an excellent choice. It is an official language in close to 20 countries, which means it will open doors you wouldn’t have the chance to walk into otherwise.

Once you learn the language, you can easily travel to Spanish-speaking countries without worrying about language barriers. As you travel while you study, remember you can access paper writing services regardless of where you are in the world.

1. Raíces Spanish School – Baños, Ecuador

Raíces Spanish School is one of the well-known institutions in Latin America that offers Spanish courses. The school has been offering Spanish courses since 1996. Students who’ve studied in this college have been known to achieve excellent grades. It is a well-established school that employs only the best Spanish professors.

Raíces Spanish School offers both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in the Spanish language. The aim of the school is to provide students with an impactful learning experience. When you graduate from Raíces Spanish School, you not only leave with a good grasp of the Spanish language but also armed with important life skills.

The school understands that every student is unique; that is why the courses are customized to suit every individual’s needs. There is a wide variety of programs you can take part in, aside from attending Spanish classes. Besides, the location of the school allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty.

2. Nueva Lengua – Medellín, Colombia

Nueva Lengua is an internationally recognized Spanish school located in Colombia. Students across the globe come to this prestigious school to learn the Spanish language. It is a well-established higher learning institution that’s located in a place with great historical relevance.

The structuring of the courses preserves Spanish culture. This gives students the opportunity to learn Spanish in a cultural context. The institution provides all students with comfortable accommodation. This way, their minds are at ease, and they can focus on their studies.

3. CEICA Spanish – Arequipa, Perú

CEICA Spanish is yet another prestigious Spanish learning institution. It’s located in Arequipa, a world heritage site, according to UNESCO. Arequipa is a lovely city in Perú surrounded by breathtaking mountains.

This Spanish school was established in 1996, and it has been functional ever since. You get to interact with an intimate team of educators who strive for excellence.

4. Bolivian Spanish School – Sucre, Bolivia

At number four, we have Bolivian Spanish School located in Sucre, a small city in Bolivia popularly known as The White House. The school welcomes students from across the globe, and it ensures you leave the institution having learned all there is to know about the Spanish language and the culture that surrounds it.

5. Rayuela Spanish – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lastly, there is Rayuela Spanish, located in an old town in Argentina. Studying in Rayuela Spanish allows you to live in the most cosmopolitan city in South America.


Studying a new language opens up opportunities you’d otherwise not have access to. Consider studying Spanish in one of these prestigious institutions in Latin America.

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