5 Latin American Movies to Watch on Netflix This 2024

By 25 April, 2024

Netflix has been investing in Latin American movies in the past years, and as a fan of this type of movies, we’re always happy to see new films being added to the platform this year. Many would say that 2024 is the biggest year for the Latin American movie industry with some films even breaking out and gaining international recognition. This influx of fantastic content means there’s more to discover and watch than ever before. 

So if you’re on the lookout for new Latin American movies to watch on Netflix this 2024, we’ve handpicked some newly added Netflix films that we think you’ll enjoy. But before you start streaming, we’d like to remind you that whenever you’re watching films on Netflix, it’s better to have high-speed internet to make sure you don’t experience constant buffering while watching.

Como Caído del Cielo (2019)

Pedro Infante is a popular Mexican singer who’s known to be a womanizer. When he died, he got stuck in a limbo for around 60 years because one, he can’t be sent to hell because he’s done so much good when he was still alive, and two, he can’t be sent to heaven because he’s a serial cheater. Because he needs to prove himself worthy of going to heaven, he was given one more chance to live through a Pedro Infante impersonator. From there, he tries to deal with modern life and convince everyone he’s not a ladies’ man anymore. 

Zero to Hero (2024)

 this rocker named Hero, stuck in a dead-end job selling instruments. People keep mistaking him for a famous Brazilian singer, Sandro Sanderlei, because they look exactly alike except for the hair. Hero wants to be his own man, but Sandro’s got problems of his own. He messes up before surgery and ends up in a coma. Sandro’s manager had to do something, so he hired Hero to impersonate Sandro for the tour. 

Hero is a rocker but Sandro’s a country music star. He clashes with the manager and crew, but things get even more complicated when he falls for the mayor’s daughter, Lulli. The twist? Lulli used to date Sandro, and things didn’t end well. But even so, Hero is determined to win her over. 

Don’t Blame KARMA! (2022)

¿Qué culpa tiene el Karma? is a rom-com movie about two sisters named Sara and Lucy. Sara is a woman who constantly blames bad luck or karma for her troubles. However, her life gets thrown into a whirlwind when her seemingly perfect sister, Lucy, announces her engagement to Aaron, Sara’s high school crush. But before you think that this is a typical love triangle, don’t go any further. This story is more about sisterhood and how their love for each other shines during the most difficult times.

El Paseo 7 (2023)

If you’re a fan of heartwarming family films, you have to give El Paseo 7 a watch. The story is about the Cabello family who’s going on an annual trek to a local river to celebrate a Colombian tradition called Paseo de Olla. While having a family trip is already chaotic enough, they are joined by two filmmakers who want to explore this tradition with the Cabello family – tire racing, rock throwing, champeta dancing, and of course, a whole lot of delicious sancocho stew.

Queens on the Run (2023)

This funny movie follows four girlfriends who ditch everything and finally take the road trip they’ve been talking about forever. We can all be optimistic, but we all know that it’s a disaster waiting to happen, especially with their middle-aged-women-who-should-know-better energy. If you think about a movie with girl power and adventure combined  with a healthy dose of we’re-way-too-old-for-this-but-let’s-do-it-anyway spirit.  It’s a fun, lighthearted movie best watched after a long day at work. 

The Bottom Line

Netflix will continue to add Latin American movies and even TV shows on their platform throughout the year. So if you’re still starting out this year, these five films won’t let you down. These titles are just the tip of the iceberg, so once you give these movies a watch, prepare yourself to go down the rabbit hole with Netflix’s library. Happy watching!

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