5 of the Most Romantic Places in Bolivia for a Couple’s Getaway

By 12 January, 2021

Whether you’ve met a new partner on a dating site or you’ve been an item for a while, the thought of planning a holiday together will always be a source of excitement. If you’re looking for suggestions for a memorable getaway, one location less likely to crop up might be Bolivia. Perhaps less well known than its larger neighbors Brazil and Argentina, there may not be any striking coastlines here (Bolivia is the largest landlocked country in the Southern Hemisphere). But it is a fabulous location for a Latin American getaway. Here are five of its most romantic places to visit according to relationship/dating experts from seekmeetdate platform.

Isla Del Sol

One of Bolivia’s most iconic beauty spots, the so-called island of the sun is centered on a tranquil lake, the mirror image of a snow-peaked mountain seemingly suspended in its waters. Miles away from the hustle and bustle of Bolivian life, the isle sits amidst the otherwise barren landscapes of Lake Titicaca, 3,800 meters above sea level. The whole area exudes romance, with unforgettable scenery, and the renowned Las Velas restaurant where you can enjoy a secluded meal before strolling out to watch the sunset on the lake’s shimmering surface.


If your idea of the perfect location for a break is an isolated fairy tale castle surrounded by jaw-dropping vistas and enchanting waterways, then Samaipata is straight out of a book of fables. Centered on an idyllic village, where the locals are well acquainted with offering hospitality to honeymooners, your heart will soar as you take in the verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, and natural swimming pools. After drinking in the unforgettable sights, you can head into the neighboring hills to take advantage of the opportunities for a candlelit dinner, washed down with some of Bolivia’s most refreshing cocktails.

Ojos del Inca Laguna

Potosi, the local provincial capital here, was the location of the Spanish mint before this part of their colonial Empire was liberated by the Venezualan freedom fighter Simon Bolivar. Today it is renowned as one of the world’s highest cities, and a stopping off point where you can embark on an hour’s drive to Ojos del Inca Laguna (translating as ‘Eyes of the Inca lagoon’). Sitting in a valley surrounded by breathtaking mountains, this natural lagoon makes for a wonderful picnic backdrop. It would be inadvisable to swim in this spring – it is deep, and its tranquility belies deceptively strong currents. But there is a manmade pool nearby if you feel like a dip.

Graveyard of Trains

You should make a point of visiting this most intriguing of Bolivia’s romantic locations. Situated a few kilometers from Uyuni – gateway of Bolivia’s extensive salt flats – you’ll come across a cemetery for abandoned steam locomotives of every shape and size. Previously used to transport goods from Bolivia to the Chilean seaports, these colossal contraptions are accumulating rust – and graffiti. But they are readily accessible to the public and make for thoroughly unusual backdrops for a photoshoot.

Salar de Uyuni

Keeping in the same location, the salt flats draw around 60,000 tourists per annum, drawn to this arid region’s almost lunar landscape. There are high altitude lagoons, boiling geysers shooting into the azure skies, bubbling springs, and volcanoes. For a truly immersive experience, why not hire a sturdy jeep from Uyuni and head over the desolate but captivating surroundings? The most romantic aspect? Wait until the sun has set over the distant Andes, then take in the spangled majesty of the night skies. You’ll feel as if you could reach out and grab a handful of stars!

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