5 of the Most Romantic Places in Colombia for a Couple’s Getaway

By 20 August, 2020

Colombia lies at the point where South America meets the Central American isthmus and is the world’s second-most populous Hispanic nation. As well as bustling cities, it boasts the second-highest biodiversity anywhere on the planet, comprising Amazonian rainforest, grasslands, mountainous regions, and deserts. It also has coastlines on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Caribbean Sea. Such a diverse landscape offers so many opportunities for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway. If you’ve been browsing through profiles on matchmaking service for quite some time on a quest to find a travelling partner and finally met someone on a dating platform like this and want to take you romance to the next level, here are five recommended places.


Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a thriving port city steeped in history and culture. This would make an excellent location for your Latin American break, with cobbled streets, vibrant marketplaces, colorful architecture, and mouth-watering restaurants wafting enticing scents into the thoroughfares. There would be so much to keep you occupied during a visit, with beautiful churches, art galleries, and museums to visit during the daytime, followed by a candlelit meal washed down with a selection of cocktails after dark. There are ancient city walls to explore, with wonderful views of the sun-dazzled Caribbean stretching to the horizon.

Tayrona Park

Located 34 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta, a fantastic way to savor Colombia’s scenic delights is to book an EcoHab – a hut with a thatched roof – perched beside the verdant rainforest cliffs, overlooking the azure Caribbean. When you’re not relaxing in your romantic retreat, you can enjoy the unforgettable sea views, and listen to the chattering monkeys and tamarins in the dense undergrowth. There’s fresh seafood on offer, and when you feel like unwinding, head over for one of the couple’s spa treatments. After sightseeing and taking photos of the spectacular scenery, keeping an eye out for macaws or other tropical birds, enjoy cocktails while watching the sunset from your balcony.


If you’re looking for a more energetic getaway than lounging around by the seashore, head down to Cali, the most populous city in the country’s southwest. This vibrant hotspot is renowned for its passionate nightlife, exemplified by salsa dancing. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner are novices, there are plenty of outlets offering classes. Once onboard, you can dance the night away to a backdrop of fiery Latin music in one of the many ‘discoteca,’ with venues like La Matraca, Bar Latino, and El Rincon de la Salsa catering for romantic couples. When you feel like a break from the dancefloor, there are ample supplies of cool beers and rum shots.

Isla Mucura

For a taste of paradise, visit Isla Mucura, part of the San Bernando Archipelago, a chain of Caribbean islands in Colombia’s territorial waters. Book a room in the Punta Faro Hotel, a stylish and upmarket setting with a private beach, menu brimming with fresh seafood dishes, and spas. Savor cocktails beneath parasols, and after the sun has gone down take a jaunt by boat to Tintupan Island. Here you can observe the myriad tiny bio-luminescent sea creatures that sparkle as you pass by – if you want a closer look, why not pop in and have a dip, relishing the moment as you feel surrounded by millions of tiny stars.


Lying beneath the towering Andes (the nearby Nevado del Quindio is nearly 17,000 feet high), this region is renowned for its coffee. There many tranquil areas where you can take in the rolling green hills, and marvel at the Latin Amerian cowboys herding their flocks. Find a café, sip freshly-percolated coffee, and keep an eye out for beautifully-colored hummingbirds hovering around flowers.

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