5 of the Most Romantic Places in Guatemala for a First Date

By 25 July, 2022

Have you ever fancied a romantic getaway to Guatemala, one of the jewels of Central America? Steeped in relics from the Mayan civilization, and packed with exciting places to see, your starting point for your Guatemalan adventure should be joining a dating service. You’ll be able to exchange flirty messages with singles sharing your passions. Take advantage of the discreet communication channel to make travel plans. If you frequently ask the question, where will I find the best local hook ups near me, going online is your answer! For further inspiration, how about a list of Guatemala’s most romantic haunts?

Acatenango Volcano

A still active volcano might not sound like the most ideal recommendation for a lovers’ excursion. But don’t be alarmed, this beautifully scenic geological structure hasn’t erupted for 50 years, and if it is likely to happen again anytime soon, you’ll receive an advanced warning! Colloquially known as ‘the three sisters,’ due to its towering peaks (the tallest, Yepocapa, rises 3,880 meters above the densely-forested landscape. Something is mesmerising about a visit to this serene location, while the nearby Acatenango Valley is known as one of Guatemala’s prime coffee-producing regions. After a long day’s sightseeing, there will be many opportunities to savor the local brands.

La Aurora Zoo

Head over to the bustling capital, Guatemala City (the most populous metropolis in the whole of Central America), and book an outing to the local zoo. One of the city’s largest garden areas, this impressive park dates back to 1924. You and your partner can appreciate many species, primarily from the Southern Hemisphere – so expect to watch frolicking creatures from Africa, Asia, and The Americas, enjoying the faithful recreations of their natural habitats. You’ll also come across the remains of an ancient viaduct within the park, but the stars of the show are undoubtedly the elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, birds and reptiles. There’s also a coffee shop to keep you refreshed.


Do you enjoy visiting museums? Most people do. Do you relish the taste of mouth-watering chocolate? Practically everyone does! Here’s a location that combines these two passions into one tempting package. Here you guys can learn all about Guatemala’s rich heritage at the forefront of the production of cacao and chocolate. You’ll spend a couple of hours roaming around, inhaling the tantalizing scents, while a knowledgeable guide will talk you through every aspect of the process that transforms plants into irresistible candy bars. The best bit? There’s even a workshop where you can experience making your very own chocolate.

Mundo Petapa Irtra

If you feel like catching some fresh air and South American sunshine, take a trip to Mundo Petapa Irtra, a wide open space in Guatemala City. There are wonderful parks to stroll through hand-in-hand, with many options for stopping for snacks. The more intrepid visitors can drop into the amusement park and make the most of the thrilling rides. There are hair-raising vertical drops, rollercoasters, and water rides – the best way of enjoying the adventure is to purchase a wristband that will offer unlimited access to the attractions during your stay.

Paseo Cayala

After all the excitement, you’ll be keen to grab some souvenirs of your romantic Guatemalan vacation? The best way to do this would be to spend time strolling around the malls in Paseo Cayala, again in the capital city. Spread over 63 acres, you’ll be spoiled for choice with fabulous restaurants serving local delicacies, cinemas or theatres, and an array of retail outlets. There are activities here all year round – so what are you guys waiting for?!

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