5 of the Most Romantic Places in Puerto Rico for a Couple’s Getaway

By 10 November, 2020

Located in the Caribbean Sea,1,600 kilometers southeast of Florida, the former Spanish colony of Puerto Rico is a haven of waterfalls, tree-lined mountains, and rainforests. Although a US island territory, Puerto Rico isn’t a state, like Hawaii. But its unique status befits a destination with many unparalleled sights for visitors. If you’ve met someone on a dating platform and are planning a weekend getaway, this Caribbean wonderland would be ideal since it’s very easy to get around. Here are five of its most romantic places that were compiled for you by dating experts from this website.

Go for a Caribbean jaunt – at night

Although this beautiful part of the world boasts so many colorful venues for a couple’s getaway for the daytime, there are many exciting nighttime activities. You and your partner should visit the glowing waters of the Puerto Rican shore after the sun has gone down. Many of the microscopic creatures living here are bioluminescent, creating a breathtaking natural light show. Head over to Mosquito Bay for the most riveting experience, either by boat tour or snorkeling with a guide.

Learn some fiery local dance moves

Like so many Latin Americans, Puerto Ricans are renowned for their love of passionate music, expressed in dancing. Your visit to the islands is an ideal opportunity to try your hand at salsa – or should that be feet?! If you go to the capital, San Juan, you’ll find ample opportunities to book a romantic lesson with an experienced tutor. Check out the gazebo at the Plaza Antonia Quiñones Park where you can pick up enough of the basic moves to gain the confidence to try them out. The more often you swirl your partner across a dancefloor to the backdrop of vibrant music, the wilder and more sensual your dancing will become!

Visit San Juan

While you’re in San Juan, you can take advantage of the city’s cultural offerings. There are many performances to arrest your attention in the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis a Ferré – a multi-use arts center. Featuring a trio of main concert and theater halls, you can choose from an all-year-round program of ballet, operas, plays, and concerts of all musical genres. Whether you prefer classical work or something more down-to-earth and current, this makes the ideal location for a romantically-inclined couple. Complimenting the backdrop of performances are a series of six-foot bronze statues evoking different artistic expressions. These beautiful sculptures by Anne Burgos are known as ‘The Muses.’

Take a day trip to the islands

While Puerto Rico is the main island, this US territory consists of an archipelago of 143 separate islands, cays, islets and atolls. Exploring these idyllic retreats is another recommended activity for your getaway. You can book a flight or take a ferry from Fajardo to Culebra, a sparsely-populated island 17 miles east of the mainland. Here you’ll come across a postcard-perfect Caribbean paradise, with unspoiled and golden beaches, protected from the surf by coral reefs. Why not stay the night at the Culebra Beach Villas, enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, then dip into the crystal-clear waters? After exploring the natural wonders of the reef, spend the rest of the day relaxing beneath palm trees, a selection of cocktails to hand.

Sun Bay Beach

If you are ever asked to imagine what a tropical paradise might look like, Sun Bay Beach would be the manifestation of your dream. Its Spanish name is even more evocative and romantic, Isla de Vieques, and this beach location is synonymous with the Caribbean experience. Azure seas stretch to the horizon, broken by the mist-shrouded outlines of neighboring islets, making the perfect place for you and your partner to chill.

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