5 Things Nobody Tells You About Going on Tour in Latin America

By 17 December, 2021

From the roar of the crowd to the warmth of the spotlight, it’s every musician’s dream to go on tour. However, for most musical performers at the start of their journey, going on tour is hard work with little pay and plenty of potential for chaos and disruption. This is especially true when touring across multiple countries, like musicians touring across Latin America.

The ability to power through the drama and give a fantastic performance every night is one of the most significant accomplishments a young indie musician can reach. With this in mind, let’s take a look at five things nobody tells you about going on tour in Latin America and tips for overcoming them:

Getting Hurt or Sick

It’s common for musicians on tour to think they’re invincible. However, performing night after night with few breaks in between is bound to impact your health and wellbeing. Between the increased risk of catching an infectious disease and the possibility of getting hurt on stage, it’s essential for musicians on tour to plan accordingly.

Start by making sure you have insurance. The Affordable Care Act means everyone can find a plan they can afford. Next, make a habit of looking up dentist and physicians offices in the area where you’ll be performing. For instance, someone on the way to perform in Chicago might find a Lockport dentist and similarly situated doctor. The same goes for traveling throughout Latin American cities. That way, if a toothache or sore throat strikes hours before you’re scheduled to perform, there’s a way to get the treatment needed.

Traveling Can Be Stressful

After embarking on a long journey, you feel overwhelmed and only wish to relax for some time after returning. Traveling for holidays may be relaxing, but traveling for work is frequently stressful. Therefore, you need to have relaxation moments when on holiday instead of moving up and down continuously. Traveling through Latin America entails a lot of organization because you must determine where to stay, what to eat, who to interact with, among other considerations.

Going on tours becomes stressful when trying to emulate what you saw on another person’s social media platform. Traveling can even be more stressful if you are financially limited because some destinations are too expensive to afford. Traveling is only entertaining when you take care of yourself and be independent to avoid more organization and expenditure. Therefore, you understand yourself more and grow to become a responsible individual.

Adulthood Responsibility Matters

You must demonstrate high maturity levels when traveling because everything is on you. Therefore, you must be moderate with everything; drinking, entertainment, and other fun activities like swimming and interaction with unknown people. Travelers post images and videos partying hard and doing crazy things without offering cautionary measures they take, or you should take.

Danger lurks in funfairs, especially for non-residents who do not understand the criminal ties. Therefore, you should be alert and use your common senses wisely to evade risky events and just enjoy the new environment. Otherwise, you will land in unfamiliar medical settings or even die.

Tours Can Be Exhausting

Traveling is quite exhausting because of the detailed planning and organization involved. Also, sitting on a vehicle, train, or plane can be tedious and tiresome, especially when traveling over long distances. Therefore, you need to rest frequently to recharge and catch up with the mood.

Therefore, you can relax and sunbathe at a beach, read books, or even watch films. Also, a good night’s sleep can relieve traveling fatigue. Other travelers, like musicians, do not enjoy proper night sleep because of their overnight performances, but they will never talk about exhaustion.

Traveling Can Become Addictive

Going on tours is a better addiction than drugs. You can fall in love with a specific place because of the culture, beautiful landscapes, or incredible food. Therefore, you wish to explore further to know what other sites have. You also make new friends and learn other fantastic life skills.

This drives you to want more, and so no holiday season will ever find you at home. Addicted travelers plan for tours even before the summer because they want to capture new experiences.


Travelers always hide the brutal truth that others realize on their first experiences and feel disappointed for having felt jealous. However, the above-described negatives can give you the best sunset moments when nicely managed.

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