8 Top Movies From and About South America

By 24 October, 2019

South America is a continent with a long and rich history. It doesn’t come as surprising that many film directors and scriptwriters considered it inspiring. In this article, we will remind you of some of the best movies from and about Latin America.

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No (2012)

The film comes from Chile, and a true story inspired the authors. The timeline is 1988 before the National Plebiscite that Pinochet scheduled to see if the people still want him as the President of Chile.

An advertising executive was working on a ‘No’ campaign in tough conditions, and this is a story about everything that happened ahead of the referendum.

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (2006)

The timeline is 1970, and Brazil is the host of the best football teams from throughout the globe. The World Cup is the main preoccupation of the country, but one boy in the Jewish neighborhood is going through drama. His parents left him, and he has to find a way to survive on the streets of a country that was run by a dictatorship at that time.

Brazil submitted this title for nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards, and the release made the top-nine shortlist ahead of nominations.

Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

You can’t call this movie a biography, but it has the goal of showing how Che Guevara discovered his true calling. The deciding factor was a road trip that he took, and this film is a dramatization of that journey.

A Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal plays the role of the famous revolutionary. Although the actor won a Golden Globe for another movie, this remains one of his most memorable performances.

City of God (2002)

Here is another movie that comes from Brazil and depicts life in famous favelas. The director tells us a story of two boys who decided (or life chose for them) different paths. The movie tells the story about growing up in favelas in a very realistic way, which is why many consider it a cinematic gem.

Strawberry and Chocolate (1993)

The reason why this Cuban movie is important is that it tries to tell about a topic that is frequently a taboo in Latin America – homosexuality. An intellectual falls in love with a guy who is not only hetero but also a person who trusts in indoctrination ideas and has many prejudices. The movie has a nomination for an Oscar in the category of the Best Foreign Language Film.

A Place in the World (1992)

The timeline for the film is 1974, and around the time when Juan Domingo Peron died. A couple and their 12-year son voluntarily live in exile in a distant valley far from Buenos Aires. A local patron sends an engineer to inspect the land, and confirm that it is suitable for building a hydro-electric power plant. The location where the peasants live is now in danger.

We the Poor (1948)

A movie that made Pedro Infante famous in Mexico and beyond its borders. One of the classics of Mexican cinematography that portrays a working-class in this country. In the movie, a carpenter gets charged with a murder, and his family needs to come up with a strategy to save him. Although it was made more than seven decades ago, this movie is still one of the gems made in Latin America.

The Maid (2009)

Catalina Saavedra puts in an amazing performance as a maid (Raquel), who has been serving a wealthy family in Chile for more than two decades. Once she gets sick, the family puts to hire another maid as assistance. The problem is Raquel doesn’t see it that way, and she thinks the new maids are trying to take her job. The movie is a wonderful combination of comedy and drama.

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