Advantages of Studying in Mexico

By 02 December, 2021

Every year there are more and more reasons for migrants to move to Mexico. This country is known not only for its beautiful nature and warm climate but also for its good quality of life at very reasonable prices (both for food and housing). So the idea of getting an education in Mexico is not a bad one. Yes, a degree from a university in this country is unlikely to open before you the doors of major international companies. However, with some effort, you can become a true professional in your chosen field.

So, we’ll tell you about some of the advantages of studying in Mexico.

It can be said that the idea of getting an education in Mexico has more pros than cons. The latter include the fact that a graduate degree from the Mexican university, whether it be a specialist or doctoral degree in most countries outside Latin America, is unlikely to be in demand. But some advantages are evident, in particular:

  • The state’s interest in attracting foreign professionals;
  • Favorable tuition rates, even at major universities;
  • The opportunity to receive a scholarship or grant;
  • Quite high quality of education.

Opportunity to get a scholarship or grant

If you would like to apply for a scholarship from the Government of Mexico, you should look for them in your home country after you find out what support programs are offered by your government. To get a tuition scholarship, you need to try your best to write the perfect scholarship essay. If you need help, you can request “write my essay service” to be sure of your admission.

If you did not succeed in becoming a scholarship holder in your first year, do not despair and try to earn as many excellent grades as possible – then you will be given $450 a month (future doctors – $ 570). You’ll also be able to get free health insurance and a discounted travel card. As for research grants, the Mexican government expects to receive them in the following areas:

One of the main advantages is the cost of living

Almost every university in Mexico offers those who come to stay in a dormitory. We advise you to choose this option because it saves you money while you can spend hours of quality time with native Spanish speakers. However, you can also rent an apartment, and for a very modest price (up to $ 500-600 per month with all amenities).

Immigration to Mexico for graduates of universities in this country

Of course, after graduation, you cannot extend the student visa, but this does not mean that you necessarily lose your residence permit and will have to return home. One way to gain a foothold in the country for another 2-4 years – to continue training by entering the graduate or doctoral program. Another way is to start building a career. A foreigner, moreover, a graduate of a Mexican university – a person, obviously, ambitious, so that his candidacy will certainly be in demand among employers. So try to “look out” for a position at least six months before graduation, and then immediately apply for a work visa.

Studying in another country is always a difficult step. We recommend that you research all the nuances of education in a particular country and choose the most appropriate one for you.

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