Apply these grooming tips and fully explore the nightlife in Brazil

By 29 March, 2021

Latin American men sometimes seem obsessed with how they look. Especially Brazilian men. Is it a bad thing? Far from that. Grooming is not just a necessity in a country that hot. No, it is also a sign of prestige. So, if you see a Brazilian man with combed hair, nice perfume, and tidy, clean clothes, you are looking at a true man. The one that takes care of how he looks.

How to get ready for the Brazilian nightlife

Brazil arguably has one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the globe. And if you want to take full advantage of warm Brazilian nights, you need to prepare yourself properly. And we mean properly because temperatures are hot, women are hot, and you have no time to lose.

Water is your friend

Water is everywhere in Brasil, and you can enjoy showering as much as you like. Most Brazilians shower twice per day, morning and evening. And of course, a couple of times more, if they feel like they need to.

Every day is a good haircut day

When in Brazil, act like a Brazilian. And you won’t see any Brazilian going out with messy hair. Even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store. Now, too much gel is not advised due to the high temperatures. But washing, grooming, and combing your hair is the way to go. If you are going for an important night out, add some gel or hairspray, but don’t overdo it.

Put your cologne on

The night is hot, and people are everywhere around you. The music is blasting. The first impression people can get about you is your smell. So, no cheap body sprays. Real men use top-quality cologne and always apply it on clean, showered skin. An effect of a good cologne will last up for the whole night.


Brazilian men are fit and always have a fine bronze tan. They enjoy taking care of their body and showing off the results of hours spent in the gym. So, waxing an entire body is a common thing, as the muscles look nicer that way. Yes, you read it. The ENTIRE body and we know what you think. And you are right.

Keep your beard neat and tidy

If you are wearing a beard, wear it proud and clean. Don’t allow yourself to look like a hobo. Beard needs washing, brushing, and some fine beard balm. Don’t wash your beard every day, as it might affect its thickness. For a long beard, use a comb, while shorter beards will do well with a beard brush.

How to make the most of the Brazilian nightlife

Go out, listen to the beat, enjoy the warm climate and even warmer hospitality. Go night swimming, fall in love, dance until your feet hurt. Play beach soccer and lose because you are playing vs Brazilians. Make some new friends. Live life.

Short conclusion

Latin America makes 18.3 % of the world’s grooming market for men, and that is no surprise. Brazilian men always want to look the best they can. That means going to the gym, excessive hygiene, and grooming. Brazilians are fit, fresh, and smell great, and that’s the kind of men Brazilian women like.

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