Argentina Bingo Halls Must Now Pay Full Income Tax

By 24 November, 2021

In Argentina, all bingo halls are liable to compensate for the full amount of income tax per the latest decision passed on by the Federal Administrative Litigation Chamber. The law of court had withdrawn the provisional measures that benefited bingo halls that are part of the UADEE or Argentina Entertainment Entrepreneurs Union. Approximately twenty bingo halls are included in the union the mainstream located in the province of Buenos Aires.

Judges Carlos Grecco and Rodolfo Facio ended that owners of bingo halls who failed to show that the additional burden, which Congress had signed for the gaming business as a whole, was confiscatory, nor did owners of those bingo halls encounter a concrete threat of going broke or bankrupt in due course. The judgment and pronouncement will also affect the legal measures to try as well as suspend the increase in the income tax from 35% to 41.5% for those bingo halls managed by Boca Juniors football club President, and confidant of Pres. Mauricio Macri Daniel Angelici who had begun his matching claim.

The judges ruled that all bingo halls in Argentina must keep on with their claims in the law of courts, wherein a judge might order accounting survey needed to know the effect of the modification of the tax, and when the time comes to address the position of the court in a ruling.

When asking for the suspension of the exact tax, owners of bingo halls belonging to Argentina Entertainment Entrepreneurs Union argued that the newly imposed tax was confiscatory and which the rise of thirty-five to 41.5 percent in income tax protected by law 27,346 and ruling 179/17 approved by Pres. Mauricio Macri can result in bankruptcies.

The latest tax burden on the online betting business (head to to find out more about that area) has resulted in a progressively more malevolent and hostile fight in courts. A few months ago, AFIP or La Administración de Ingresos Públicos Argentine tax office petitions a court measure to postpone the income tax increase from thirty-five to 41.5 percent for all the bingo halls that are operated and managed by Daniel Angelici.

La Administración de Ingresos Públicos Argentine commented that the decision to postpone the tax was solely based on account calculations without validity. La Administración de Ingresos Públicos Argentine demanded that the law of court annul the tax exception. On the other hand, the presiding judge over the case, Enrique Lavie, decided that even though the petition was being processed, which the temporary measure would keep on in effect and Daniel Angelici wouldn’t need to give out the corresponding income taxes.

The law to postpone the tax was very divisive that in 2017 of December, Deputy Elisa Carrio together with other members of Congress from the CC-ARI party presented a plea for the dismissal and impeachment for Enrique Lavie. They believe that the decision of the judge was “arbitrary as well as biased” and “unsuitable for a judge of the Nation” in which it benefited lots of “game entrepreneurs.”

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