Art Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Latin American Art

By 01 February, 2021

In 2020, making art is not enough. An artist should be equipped with enough knowledge regarding marketing its art and sell it. This will not only further motivate him but will be a source of a good income. In this blog, we will be listing the best possible ways to market your Latin American art online and in the offline market. So, let’s get started.

Make your online portfolio

This is the first and the most important step in entering the online space for the artists. A compelling portfolio will allow you to attract a lot of people to your page. Without it, your art will not stand out. So, if you are an artist and you do not have a portfolio, now is the time to build one. There are tons of website builders that can be used to create one or you can always hire a website developer to do it for you. A portfolio can be used in countless ways. Form entering in art competitions or applying for paid opportunities, it always servers the purpose.

Start a blog

An artist is always loaded with knowledge about art and the relevant techniques. Blogging is a fun way to attract people to your website. You can simply attach a blog section with your portfolio website where you can post new content every week. People love to read and dive deeper into art stuff. The content will also display your expertise as an artist which will be the best source of marketing your art.

Make a social media presence

To further make yourself visible on the online market, you can use different online platforms for artists from Latin America and around the world, such as Draint. Most of the artists have Facebook and Instagram set up for their artwork from where they direct the traffic to their portfolio website. It is a nice way of showing off your work. These online platforms for the artists have specific communities for them where they can work with the other artists from all over the globe. This increases collaboration and earns you a good name for your work.

Sign up for online art market places

The art industry is growing at a really fast rate and there are countless platforms that are being used by people to buy and sell artworks. Moreover, you can find different art collectors on such websites. If you think your work is good enough that it can grapes the attention of people, then putting your best artworks on online market places is the best option. With the power of social media and paid ad campaigns, you can even promote your listing with only a few bucks.

Collaborate with other artists

Collaboration is a great idea that enables you to work with similar artists. Sometimes, the artist you are working with is popular among the people and he can serve as a channel towards a huge amount of exposure for you. The collaboration can be online or in offline communities, the choice is all yours.

Go for an art competition

Art competitions are a great way to earn a name for free. Most of the art competitions are free and they offer different rewards to the winners. For better art promotions, make sure you participate in as many art competitions as possible. If you win an art competition, your name will reach different platforms and you will get something to put on your portfolio website.


Art marketing, if done right, can do wonders for your profile. This will not only generate income but will also open new gates of opportunities. Get started today and work on your marketing techniques.

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