Best Free Music Streaming Apps

By 16 March, 2021

Morning workout and unpredictable music choices, isn’t that the dream? Every morning, I pick out a music channel and let it take me in the direction of my workout regime. The unpredictability of what plays next holds my inner soul together and sets the tone of the cardio exercises I go for. Now I know the cable is dying down due to its peaking rates, but if you are anything like me, you would know that subscribing to streaming services is great, as is a gb whatsapp download, but that cable is the real deal.

Optimum cable packages offer an elite channel lineup at the most affordable rates so I do not go off my budget and enjoy the fun of both worlds. Those who are set to part ways with cable, I hear you and would help you too; just keeping on reading this article!

Contrary to how we used to wait for MTV to play our tunes, things are pretty convenient in the modern world for music fans with a wide assortment of streaming choices. Contingent upon which service you pick and the amount you pay, the best music streaming platforms offer engaging features, like extensive libraries, curated suggestions dependent on your taste, and top-notch uncompressed records.

In any case, you have free choices too. Regardless of whether you are, as of now, paying for another music streaming app, there are some free platforms with specific hints of rhythm that could be incredible add-ons to your music stockpile.

Most significant music streaming applications have a complementary plan, except Apple Music, Tidal, and Qobuz. While the free music apps unavoidably incorporate adverts and have restricted functionality than their paid-for counterparts, they are still quite appealing.

These apps let you access a huge number of tunes. They allow you to test the app for some time before concluding whether to dive in and pay for a monthly membership. Besides, in case you are just an infrequent audience, they bode well than paying for something you scarcely use.

Before you contribute your time building playlists, you need to be certain you pick the correct application. We have gathered the best free choices around so you can see which suits you – a commendable rundown.


  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • BBC Sounds
  • TuneIn Radio


Size of Library: More than 60 Million

Free Tier Quality: Up to 160 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, Web player, Connected Speakers

Spotify is credited to be the best free streaming application. While the playlists are on shuffle mostly and there are commercials that you would have to bear with, there is a lot of good too: more than 60 million songs, great quality podcasts, decent audio quality, offline listening, and compatibility with almost all devices. If you want to get on with music without spending anything, Spotify is your ideal choice. You may certainly wish to pay a little and increase plays on your tracks or buy saves to be listened to by more audiences.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with a number of platforms
  • Easy access to new music


  • Does not sound that great
  • Does not offer lossless audio

Amazon Prime Music

Size of Library: 02 Million

Free Tier Quality: 256 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Echo devices, Fire TV

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are in great luck. In addition to having free deliveries and access to Amazon Prime Video, you are further entitled to access Amazon Prime Music free of any charges. This means that you can access almost 2 million popular and in-demand songs, whenever you want to. Moreover, you do not need to bear with any advertisements. With all the great features, there is a minor glitch of sound quality, it is not bad but it is definitely not going to blow your mind as well.


  • Free access to a wide-ranged library
  • Does not support commercials
  • Works well with Alexa


  • Offers free access to Prime members only

YouTube Music

Size of Library: Not available

Free Tier Quality: 128 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Web player

YouTube has become much more than just videos. With the launch of YouTube Music back in 2015, it is competing well with major music streaming apps like Spotify. Its free tier lets you access millions of songs but the inclusion of advertisements might bother you. Advanced features like offline listening are included in the paid category. The user interface of this app is easy and convenient.


  • Availability of undiscovered music
  • A great number of videos


  • Sound quality is somewhat iffy


Size of Library: 56 Million

Free Tier Quality: 128 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, Web player

There is a great library to choose your music from. Its layout is nice and pleasant. Deezer includes thousands of podcasts and non-music content for when you are in the mood. One of the best features of Deezer is that it lets you enjoy lossless audio. It is definitive that its free tier includes ads but with all the features it offers, the ads do not seem as bad.


  • Huge library with many options
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great podcasts


  • Does not offer Hi-res audio quality


Size of Library: 200 Million

Free Tier Quality: 64 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop, Web player

SoundCloud is a platform for emerging talent. Being a major fan of SoundCloud, I can say with utmost certainty that many names from this platform are going to make it big in the industry sooner than later. Its free tier allows access to more than 120 million mixes, tracks, and podcasts. You can directly connect with the artists as well. The only downside is advertisements. Moreover, sound quality is not consistent as it depends on the artists.


  • Ideal platform for new talent
  • Appealing user interface


  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Difficult discovery of original tracks

BBC Sounds

Size of Library: Not Available

Free Tier Quality: 48 to 320 Kbps

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, Web player, Smart Speakers, YouView, Virgin Media, Internet Radios

Music, podcasts, live sets – you call it, BBC Sounds has it. With this application, you can search for music by genre and download it to listen to, at any time. It has an excellent sound quality and allows you to listen to content from where you left it off on another gadget. BBC Sounds gives you the opportunity to tune in to its radio stations as well.


  • Well-versed content
  • Appealing radio stations
  • Brimmed with features


  • Not music-oriented

TuneIn Radio

Size of Library: Not Available

Free Tier Quality: Not Available

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, Web player, Game Consoles

TuneIn Radio is not just a simple music streaming application but much more than that. Its prime focus is radio stations and offers a wide range including NPR, BBC Radio, and C-Span. New stations like Fox and CNN also grace the app. This is one of the best radio apps and offers music to its listeners every now and then, as well.


  • Includes major radio stations
  • Heavy content


  • Not music-oriented

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