Best Ways to Start Learning a Language Before Traveling to Latin America

By 12 July, 2021

From their ancient sites down to their beautiful rainforests, who would not love to visit Latin America? Many travelers want to visit Latin America for their vacations and trips because of the rich culture and breathtaking tourist attractions.

Latin America consists of the entire continent of South America with Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean.

Over 60% of the population of Latin America speaks Spanish. Of course, you can still get by when you’re an English speaker, but most people in this region, especially the waiters, vendors, shop owners, speak Spanish. If you are planning to visit one of the Latin American countries, here are the best ways to start learning a language before traveling to Latin America:

1. Start Making Friends Before You Arrive

There are different language groups in social media that you can use to find friends. Making friends with the locals and native speakers will benefit you in learning basic words and phrases. They can also give you immediate feedback and corrections if you make mistakes.

2. Learn Basic Words, Phrases, and Greetings

Because most locals speak Spanish, it’s good to learn words and phrases in the Spanish language. You can start with greetings and polite words. Learning Spanish greetings will help you initiate a conversation and sound polite and respectful.

3. Label your surroundings

Before leaving the comfort of your home, why not use it to learn a language? One of the most effective learning tips in learning another language before traveling to Latin American countries is labeling your surroundings with Spanish words and phrases. Exposure to your target language is significant in learning a new language.

4. Hire a Private Tutor

If you have the money, why not hire a professional? A private tutor can give you an individualized program that suits you. Schedules can be in your favor, and you are learning in the comfort of your home. They will teach you everything you need to learn both in written and spoken language. This will ensure the quality of learning that you’ll receive.

5. Take Classes or Short Courses

Taking classes includes a longer amount of time, a higher amount of money, and a stronger commitment. If you plan to stay in a Latin American country for a long time, like studying or working, this can be a good investment.

For example, if you want to learn Spanish because you will be taking your Master’s degree in any of these countries, take Spanish lessons and practice your Spanish speaking skills.

6. Eat In A Spanish Restaurant

If you know a Spanish restaurant nearby, it’s a good idea to have at least the dining experience. Take note, most of the waiters in local restaurants are Spanish speakers, so this is a good way to learn Spanish words related to food and dining.

7. Watch Movies

Turn your movie nights into a language learning experience. There are different Spanish movies and series available on Netflix that you can watch. Subtitles will help you in your Spanish learning experience.

8. Watch Youtube Videos

What’s good about this is that you can watch these videos during your free time, and most of these vloggers are native speakers, so you’ll have a glimpse of their culture, and most of what they will share is drawn from their personal experience.

9. Download a Language Learning App

With a language learning app, you don’t have to bring a dictionary with you because all you have to be carrying with you is your phone with the internet. A perfect example is Ling App. This includes lessons, games, vocabulary, and audio recordings, which are essential in language learning.

So, there you have it. These are the best ways to start learning a language before traveling to Latin America. Don’t wait any longer, and start learning now!

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