Caribbean Interior Design Tips

By 07 August, 2023

Anyone who’s visited the Caribbean likely wishes they could bring back some of its tropical style with them home, and this style makes this easy.

Key to creating this style is using textures. While most people view texture as rough or bulky, Caribbean interior design approaches often utilize subtler forms of it.


Implementing Caribbean style into a home requires understanding the colors and textures that characterize this region, according to Beach Bliss Living. A Caribbean design typically integrates elements from indigenous, African, and European sources in order to adapt to tropical surroundings; steep gabled roofs with low facades help deflect powerful tradewinds while gingerbread fretwork, wide verandas, three-part jalousie windows, shutters provide protection from tropical sunlight.

One of the key elements to keep in mind when decorating with Caribbean designs is color. While other decors might feature weathered finishes or distressed furnishings, Caribbean designs tend to use vibrant and upbeat hues that are sure to cheer anyone up. Turquoise is typically featured prominently; other popular hues are apricot orange and yellow to complete its color palette.

Consider incorporating a living room painting that captures these colors to fully embrace the Caribbean aesthetic in your space. Floral or striped patterns can add subtle Caribbean aesthetic to any room, such as hanging them over white wicker headboards to instantly transform it.


Every traveler who’s ever experienced a tropical vacation longs to bring some of its magic home. While bringing back souvenirs like seashells or sand might fit, there are more substantial decorative elements you should seek out to truly bring Caribbean magic back home with them.

texture to your room is key when designing with Caribbean interior design, and natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo will bring an authentic Caribbean vibe into your space. When selecting antique wooden pieces as accent pieces for maximum richness and depth.

Other natural textures essential in creating an authentic Caribbean-themed room include woven grass, seagrass and reed mats – use these natural fibers as throw rugs, floor mats or wall hangings! Add exotic prints like jungle leaves or palm fronds as wall hangings – it will tie your tropical theme together throughout your entire room!


When thinking of Caribbean style, tropical plants often come to mind. Not only can adding plants bring an outdoors feel into your home; it can also make an eye-catching design statement! Ceiling-high potted palms or wide ferns add depth and dimension that elevate any room. You can even arrange a nice home spice gardens if you want to. Your microwave oven will help. Read more about the oven here:

Natural textures play an integral part in Caribbean interior design. Look for furniture made of wood or wicker as well as accessories like jute rugs and pottery to complete your space.

Dark mahogany hardwood or untreated coral stone flooring options offer a rich, earthy aesthetic for any space. Or try something more surprising like textured tiles – an intriguing alternative to wallpaper that may struggle in humid environments like Florida.


Palm frond leaves are an iconic tropical motif, appearing everywhere from bedrooms to living areas and public spaces. But this tropical theme doesn’t need to take itself too seriously: here, its leaf motif can be seen playful echoed both within this bedroom itself as well as outside in its greenery surroundings.

Wooden accents are essential in Caribbean interior design, particularly recycled rattan or bamboo pieces that have been repurposed. Wooden pieces provide a pleasing contrast with all the tropical colors while adding character and history. Antique wooden pieces have timeless elegance that modern ones cannot match.

At home or dreaming of growing up in the Caribbean may have been your desire, you can bring this tranquil and vibrant style into your own space by using tropical colors; wood, rattan and wicker products; greenery; patterned walls and pottery as centerpieces to your space and bring its lively energy into every corner of the room. When combined properly these features can bring joyous Caribbean spirit right into any room!

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