Casinos From Latin America That Are Historic Tourist Attractions Today

By 28 April, 2022

Gorgeous ladies, insane carnivals, fabulous festivities and impressive flavours of coffee have made South and Central America quite famous all over the world. Let’s take Oruro carnival in Bolivia as an example. The event takes place 3,710 above sea level and it has been celebrated for more than two thousand years! 400 square miles are occupied with festivities on 8th-11th of February and hundreds of thousands of tourists attend it every year, with people willing to risk a lot in order to get there.

Speaking of the devil, South America has an impressive array of casinos as well with, though with one small exception: local festivities are bricks and mortar and attract insane amounts of tourists annually due to natural authenticity. The good news obviously though is that you don’t have to head over to South America to bet, you can do that right at home, through bonus slots casino.

The Casino Maruma

This gem of Maracaibo is currently an element of a hotel resort. 40.000 square meters of joy, 27 table games and 337 slot machines await the players. This resort, as legend says it, has surpassed Las Vegas in terms of jackpot wins and has hence become a narrative in the circles of gamblers from all over the world.

Maruma has already become an integral part of countless guides from trip advisors. Comments and reviews on blogs, sites and even YouTube have made the place more famous than the hotel it’s located at. So if you are planning to have some hot Caribbean fun – you know where to go!

The Margarita Casino


This pleasant resort is located a bit further to the eats and attracts people to visit Porlamar. Warm breezes of the Caribbean are not the only joy and delight of this place. Margarita, while similar in shape and size to Maruma is best known for insane Black Jack all-nighters and some of the craziest parties this world has ever seen.

39.000 square feet of endless parties, 200 slot machines and an endless supply of liquor can make any place stand out. But add the sun and the beaches and the gorgeous ladies into the equation to get the full picture and you will please yourself with an unforgettable cocktail of flavors.

Margarita is the synonym to reckless, expensive fun and hence constantly attracts a wealthy audience making life in Porlamar simpler, sweeter and brighter for the locals.


South and central Americas are the rightful land of fun and festivity but fireworks and feathers don’t define local countries. It’s a blend of countless elements that attracts a constant cash flow of wealthy tourists into the land and that combination of factors is truly unique.

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