CBD and South America – Which Countries are Onboard with the CBD Oil Craze?

By 11 December, 2019

South America is a vibrant continent, with a wonderful mix of cultures and countries. There are lots of unique health products being enjoyed across the region right now. One of the products that’s been swept up by the general public is CBD oil.

You’ve probably seen CBD oil in all of your favourite products and magazines lately. It’s being used to treat everything from anxiety to skin conditions, and there are a number of intriguing studies being done to see what long term effects this substance might have.

But how is the South American community reacting to the CBD oil frenzy?

In this post, we’ll be having a look at what CBD oil can do, which South American countries are on board with the trend and which ones aren’t so keen. We’ll also be looking into some important safety issues to bear in mind as a CBD oil user.

What is CBD oil?

To make sure that we’re all on the same page, let’s go over what CBD oil actually is. Daily CBD Mag describes cannabidiol oil as ‘oil extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, using the flowers leaves and stalks’. The article also notes that CBD oil does not have THC in it, which is the element of cannabis that produces a high- so CBD oil cannot make you intoxicated.

What can it do?

So, why is CBD oil so popular at the moment? There’s a wealth of benefits that have been found from using CBD oil. The most popular CBD oil benefits that you should know about are;

  • Anxiety relief and stress reduction
  • Pain management and relief
  • Improvement upon skin conditions and acne

CBD oil has also been linked to a lot of other positive benefits, like protection against neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, and seizure management too. Whilst these findings are absolutely fantastic news, it is worth being mindful of the fact that this is an area of medicine that still needs further professional research to be certain.

Which countries in South America are using CBD the most?

Now that we’ve covered what CBD oil is and what it can do, let’s take a look at how South America is reacting to this product.

To look at cannabis as a whole, some countries in South America have legalised medical marijuana. This includes Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile, as seen in this handy Latin America Post article.

There are worries that the medical marijuana trade will not take off in South America, due to the continent’s history with drugs- as pointed out by this helpful Brightfield Group study.

Colombia is a country that seems to be taking to CBD oil with great interest. CBD products are legal in Colombia, as long as they contain less than 1% THC in dry weight. The community seems to be embracing the health benefits of CBD oil, yet there are some concerns that the high prices make the products inaccessible for most regular people.

Mexico has created several commercial licenses for CBD products in the last couple of years, and the market is expected to see a huge boom in 2020. Again, products with less than 1% THC content are approved for commercial use.

In general, it appears to be that countries who have approved medical marijuana are the ones who are open to CBD oil being sold and consumed- which is a logical conclusion.

Are there any countries that aren’t using it?

Of course, not every country in South America is open to CBD oil. There are some countries that have laws against it, with some not even wanting to approve medical marijuana at all.

Brazil is one country that’s starting to follow the CBD oil frenzy with great interest. As this Food Navigator-Latam article points out, CBD oil has only been approved as a medical item that needs to be prescribed by doctors.

There are high hopes that Brazil will come to be one of the biggest players in the CBD oil game. However, for this to happen, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) will need to approve the production and management of medical marijuana.

It will be interesting to see where the medical marijuana and CBD oil debate goes in the future. More and more research is being done into CBD oil as each month goes by, so it’ll be intriguing to see whether this changes any minds.

Important things for CBD oil users to be aware of

Something that is important to note is that medical marijuana and CBD oil are not legalised in every country in South America. If you’re not sure on the regulations in your own country, please make sure to research it before you buy any products to keep yourself safe.

Additionally, synthetic products are important to watch out for. Whereas CBD oil hasn’t been linked to severe side effects in most cases, fake CBD oil has been linked to some horrendous outcomes and sicknesses.

To sum up

As you can see, there’s generally been a mixed reception to CBD products in South America. Some countries have accepted CBD gladly, yet some are vehemently against it. Moreover, there are issues like extortionate costs and synthetic products to be aware of when buying CBD oils and products in South America.

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