Criteria to Hire A QuickBooks Hosting Provider In Latin America

By 03 October, 2020

The evolution of QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting has turned the bookkeeping industry around. From billing and payments to salary and expenses, from tax reductions to cash flow, from inventory to sales, the ever-evolving QuickBooks software has proved to be a benefit for bookkeepers and CPAs because of the features it owns. But is owning QuickBooks the end of all your bookkeeping problems? How will issues like remote access, a QuickBooks hosting provider hosts the QuickBooks software in their cloud servers, enabling businesses to share documents in real-time and collaborate with other teams. But what if your company is based out of Latin America? Are there any QuickBooks hosting providers based out there? So, if you are looking for QuickBooks hosting solutions for your accounting needs in Latin America, then you should check the following points:

Service Experience of the QuickBooks Hosting Provider

The experience of a QuickBooks hosting provider is one of the most important measures to evaluate the service. Before you take up the services, enquire about their experience. Once enquired, learn about the customers they have served in the bookkeeping sector. Since QuickBooks is accounting software, your provider knowing some skills about the accounting will profit your business as they can provide the best solutions as per your unique business needs.

Service Analysis

One of the important features for QuickBooks hosting is the quality of the services, availability of the resources, and fulfilment of the tasks. There are service providers that offer free trials of their services. Take up their free trials and check whether they can provide solutions. If possible, ask the hosting providers to give the contact information of their clients, especially those who are from Latin America or near locations. Get in touch with them and review the provider thoroughly.

Hosting Different Versions 

Since companies have changing needs, the work methods of the companies vary as well. Make sure that the provider hosts all the versions of QuickBooks like Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant so that you are compatible with the services they are providing. If your organization wants to migrate SharePoint site from one tenant to another then ask the provider for all the available options to do so.

SLA and Pricing Structure 

Check the SLA carefully and analyse the cost according to your business scale, type, and existing set-up. Read and inspect all their terms and conditions carefully before you put your signature on the paper.


Uptime is defined as the total time the server is available and working. Make sure that your cloud service provider is providing a high uptime so that the business processes do not get disturbed. A good service provider like Apps4Rent promises an uptime of 99.9%.


The scalability of a server refers to the increasing or decreasing of the resources such as RAM, storage, processing speed, and the number of users. Make sure that the provider offers to scale for your cloud-based QuickBooks on demand so that you can increase or decrease the resources.

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