Education in Latin America

By 13 September, 2021

Main advantages

Studying abroad is an attractive opportunity for young people, it is a great opportunity to combine study with a desire to travel. And at the end of your training, you get an international diploma. In this sense, Latin American countries are quite profitable in terms of tuition fees, the overall level of education of the population and the climate. In Latin America efficient education because of using modern services, for example professional editing services Editius.

Education system

The overall level of university education in South America has made an impressive leap in development in two hundred years. From Jesuit colleges (the main form of Education), countries came to a developed system of university education, technical schools, and research centers.

Although none of the universities in South America is among the world’s top hundred universities, some of them (University of Sao Paulo, University of Campinas, Catholic University of Chile) are quoted quite highly.

Brazil case

In Brazil, education is aimed at improving the overall cultural level of the country. 60% of universities are Humanities, and most universities offer free tuition (tuition fees are paid only in private universities). Some Brazilian students receive a state scholarship, while the “ProUni”scholarship program is provided for the poor.

Chile case

In Chile, only primary education is free. Further levels are paid (starting from high school) in public and private educational institutions.

Entrance exams, study at Brazilian universities for admission, you need to pass an interview. This is not easy to do, many Brazilians complete special courses and take private lessons for this purpose. Most other countries do not have entrance exams. A foreign student cannot count on a scholarship.

The rating of Latin American education in the world is not too high. The top 700 universities in the world include 42 universities in South America (12 – Brazil, 7 – Chile, 6 – Argentina, 5 – Colombia). The main area of job search is Latin America, third world countries. Research centers in developed countries, leading manufacturing firms (in Brazil – the Osvaldo Cruz Institute, Agricultural Research Corporation, Space Technology Center) – constantly monitor the learning process, talented students can get internships, job offers even before graduation. Doctors have the best chances of getting a job in all countries.

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