Do Electronic Translators Really Work?

By 23 November, 2018

Not knowing Spanish or Portuguese holds back a lot of US businesses from expanding in Latin America. Surprisingly, you don’t need to join a Spanish class to communicate with your Spanish-speaking business associates.

A good Spanish translator device can help you understand simple words and phrase without a hassle. The best devices helps you learn how to speak Spanish, records conversations for easy transcriptions. Alternatively, you can contact a professional transcription company.

How do the Translators Work?

Electronic translators work in a number of ways. The modern devices support both voice recognition and text scanning. If you want to interpret signs, simply read them out loud to the device. Alternatively, scan Spanish words and have the device tell you what they mean.

Like many voice recognition devices, language translation devices rely on Artificial Intelligence to process and convey data to you. Some have apps that help make sense to the information you feed them. The devices also have internal memory cards that enable you to save favorite words and phrases.

Do you need one?

Now that you know you can’t learn a new language by only using an electronic device, is it worth buying? Don’t translation apps offer the same service? Electronic translator devices have become so popular these days that manufacturers are finding it hard to meet their demand.

Here are several reasons you may need a language translator device.

To Overcome Language Barriers

Language translators help you make sense of a foreign language in the easiest way possible. Simply voice an English word and have the device translate into Spanish the next time your visit Mexico, Chile, Argentina and other Latin countries. Where you need to understand what foreign words mean, all you have to do is scan the words.

While you could always ask a local for help or learn the foreign language, it’s not always possible. Maybe you just want to ask a waitress for food in the language they understand. Perhaps you want to greet a seller and ask them for direction. Speaking a little bit of the local language makes things easier for both of you.

Impress your Friends

The best language translator device can help you understand a few sentences of a new language instantly. You also learn the correct pronunciations and how to write in a foreign language. With the combination of a good translation app, you can learn Spanish without ever signing up for a language class.

If you have a Mexican or Brazilian friends, impress them by learning Spanish or Portuguese. A few days of practice is probably all you need to be able to make sensible sentences in the new languages. You can improve your language grasp with an app but the translation device is better when you need to actually learn how to speak the new language.

Take your Business International

Making a business work in a foreign country asks for a lot of hard work and dedication. You must understand the local demographics, consumer behaviors, and cultures. A language translator can help you save time spent trying to understand the new environment.

You can chat with new employees on the first day and learn more about them. You get to understand how they expect to be treated and their attitude towards your business. Of course, you will not become proficient at the new language instantly. But you get to understand a lot of things about a new city when you can speak the same language as its people.

What is certified translation and when do you need it?

While keeping an electronic translator handy is a quick and convenient way of being able to understand signs, read menus and have simple conversations in a foreign language, it won’t always be enough especially if you are using it for business. If you’re expanding your business to a different country that doesn’t speak your language and are still not that proficient in speaking their language, hiring a professional human translator that could provide certified translations might be a better way to go.

In a corporate environment, certified translation is a crucial element for businesses with an international presence and is a way for a business to assure itself and everyone who works for and with it will have the same understanding of a document regardless of what language they read it in. A certified translation is required for important documents that need to be translated particularly those that are business-related or legally binding. For example, if you are opening an office in a new country, your company policy must be translated into the country’s official language so that your employees would be able to understand it.

For this purpose, it is important to have a certified translation to make sure that the document means the same and has the same legal bearing across all of your regional offices, free from any loopholes that may appear due to poor translation. An electronic translator is definitely not gonna cut it when you are translating text that requires a high degree of accuracy.

How to buy a Good Translation Device

If you would want to give a language translator devices a try, there are certain features you need to emphasize. The best devices have unique features that better your experience using them. Regular translators are cheap but are often unhelpful.

Languages Translated

A huge benefit with modern translators is that they handle a multitude of languages. A good device can help you understand up to 50 languages. A device like TT Easy Smart Language Translator supports 52 languages. From Spanish to Danish, Swahili to Swedish, have fun speaking in foreign languages without asking for help, or seeking an online casino in Australia for real money.

Some devices are curtailed to translate into a few of the major languages. If you frequent Latin countries and only need help with Spanish, find a Spanish translator device. If you visit more than one country, save money and only purchase a device that suits the exact languages.


The devices work differently. Some are clumsy and require you to type what you need to be translated. With the best devices, simply record your conversations with foreigners. The device will translate everything in your primary language. The presence of ultra-sensitive speakers makes the translations accurate. A good device also translates fast without requiring you to follow multiple procedures.

Additional Features

Modern translation devices do more than help you translate words. They have memory cards, mp3 players and cameras. You can do a whole lot of activities while with some devices but at a cost. Before you buy a language translator, check what it’s advertised to do.

A good device should be able to offer good value for your money. If it’s expensive, you should learn more than a few words and phrases. Fortunately, technology has helped improve machine learning and you can absolutely learn a new language with translation devices. You can type a whole paragraph and have the device tell you what it means and how to translate the words.

To Conclude

Electronic language translation devices do exactly that. They help you make sense of a new language. Depending on how they are made, the devices translate words in different manners. Most of the device lets you record a word or a message. But others require you to scan the message.

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business in Latin America, don’t wait until you are proficient in Spanish. Find a Spanish translator device and you’ll start communicating to your associates easily and conveniently. With time, you’ll be able to understand the new language without relying on the device. And by that time, your business will probably have established itself in the new city.

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