‘Encanto’ the New Disney Music Full With Magic

By 20 January, 2022

Disney is adding one more great title to their list with amazing animations. “Encanto” is a magical story that all of the family can watch together and enjoy. It takes us to a forest village in Columbia, where we will meet a lovely family. 

After an immense tragedy, the Columbian family received magical powers. The action is taking place some years later, and we are meeting the heirs of this family. The new generation still lives under the same roof, and each member has a different superpower. But their house is not a normal one. It answers the requests of the family members and can change depending on their moods. 

The main character is Mirabel that they call the “girl with no apparent gift.” She feels like she doesn’t fit in with her magical family since she lacks extraordinary talent. Mirabel loves her family, but it is hard to understand why she is the only one that is different. Her mom Julieta has such a powerful gift — her arepas con queso can heal any illness or wound, but no matter how much she tries, she can do nothing for her daughter. 

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Mirabel also has two sisters — Luisa and Isabela. Luisa’s talent is super strength, and Isabela’s can communicate with nature and make flowers bloom. Compared to them, Mirabel feels small and so ordinary. However, she is the first to notice that their family house, or as they call it, “casita,” is starting to crack. The rest of the family refuses to listen to her and thinks she is just overreacting because she wants attention.

The little girl has to figure out what is happening to the family home and why. There is no evil villain to fight against. The main fight is the one that Mirabel is leading with herself — she is feeling like a bit of a misfit trying to find her place and help her family. Even though she needs to fight against this unknown power destroying her home, she is still more focused on her internal battle. Mirabel needs to understand that she is a very capable girl who can achieve anything she sets her mind to, even without magical powers.

Disney is trying to show a different type of superhero that is not the same as Capitan America, Iron Men, and Hulk. They are trying to show parts of different cultures and more strong female characters. “Encanto” shows us a different main character that will prove that no one is ordinary. We are all capable of doing everything we want, especially when we want to help our family. The animation is filled with beautiful graphics and unforgettable songs. Surely many kids (but not only) will fall in love with the story and will now learn the lyrics of all the songs and sing them with such passion. 

Mirabel will become the hero and inspiration of young children by demonstrating that she is the one actually to notice something is wrong and find a way to fix it. Even though she is not a healer, a shapeshifter, or other magical abilities, she proves her worth. She wants to find probably the only family member that can understand and help her — her uncle Bruno. 

Bruno’s talent is precognitive visions, but the family never believed in him. They thought that the visions weren’t real and the troubles he predicted would never come. We will meet him and many other family members with fascinating talents. We will learn their stories and understand that it is not just smiles and magic. And precisely, the outsider Mirabel will bring them all together. 

The directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, together with compositor Lin-Manuel Miranda will take you to a magical world for a couple of hours and make you believe you can do everything you want. 

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