Essay on Latin American Culture

By 23 April, 2019

Due to the process of globalization, many nations began to live in a single country. This leads to different outcomes and some of them are really bad. Not all nations welcome foreigners and this causes a lot of problems. The society of the United States is no exception. Its major problems seem to be related to Latinos. We have decided to cover this issue in an essay. Here is an essay that dwells on the issues of acceptance of Latin people in the United States of America. To receive even more essay writing help, go to, a professional writing service. An example might be enough for some, but sometimes, you just need to order an essay and forget about it.

“Problems of Adaptation of Latin Americans in the US Community”

Latin culture seems to be tightly related to the modern US society. It seems that the Americans have long got used to Latinos who have merely become the real Americans themselves. Nonetheless, there are still many complications in these relationships. Due to various reasons, Latin people find it difficult to become part of American culture. Latin people wish to be accepted by the US community but they meet great opposition, which causes multiple obstacles.

Today, we will be hardly surprised by seeing about ten or more nations in one country. Thanks to the process of globalization, economic and political collaboration of various countries, we see many nations living under a single room. It is a common thing and most countries really welcome people from other countries. Though the mentalities are different, they find it interesting and helpful to interact with other nations. Unfortunately, not all people are ready to accept foreigners. Thus, many citizens of the United States of America are strongly against the inflow of people from Latin America.

The issue of racism seems to be eternal for the US nation and such nations as Latinos greatly suffer due to this fact. Latinos, who are called Hispanics, always struggle in their motherland. They started to travel to the USA long ago to find better conditions for themselves. Within time, they decided to remain living on the US territory forever. They have become an inevitable part of the local culture. It can be plainly seen in many spheres of life. For example, Latin music is more popular in the USA than country and similar music genres, which are typical for the Americans. Nonetheless, many Hispanics claim that they are not accepted by the American natives.

It’s quite strange for many people. There are millions of Hispanics who were born in the USA. This makes them the true citizens of the country. Regardless of this indisputable fact, they meet strong opposition from other citizens. The Americans don’t want to accept them. Undoubtedly, it induces a lot of problems. People openly struggle with one another. This may be some cultural resistance without any fighting. Many Hispanics are deprived of the rights ensured by the government and state. Sometimes, they cannot even prove that. Moreover, many debates turn into fighting and even killing. What are the reasons?

The first point that occurs to the mind is intolerance to other nations. In other words, people face the racism issue. The Latin nation simply wishes to get in touch with the people who lived on the territory since ancient times. The statistic shows that by the year 2050 one-third of the youth population (under 18 years) will be Latino children. This frightens many white Americans. They claim that due to the process of assimilation with Latino people, they will lose their cultural identity and the US nation will steadily lose its face and will forget the origins.

Another reason is associated with the matter of the job. Latin people are so to speak more likely to agree on jobs that are disliked by Americans. Besides, they agree on worse conditions of their job contracts. They may choose a job that offers a bit lower salary. The employers welcome such workers because they can save heaps of money. As a result, many Americans lose their jobs or cannot find any.

Some people believe that Hispanics should be deprived of their citizenship and deported back to their original motherland. It is well known that the government of the United States of America faces huge inflows of Latino people each year. Most of them come from Mexico in the south of the country. The main goal of the emigrants is to get citizenship. If they cannot get it for themselves, they wish to ensure it for their children. The best way to do that is to give them a birth in the territory of the USA. Due to this intent, many people claim that it is totally unfair and citizenship should be denied. Accordingly, Hispanics face a huge resistance at school and in the workplace.

The issue of the acceptance of Latino people is in the USA. As for me, I do not understand the American natives who show such opposition and resistance. The US society is highly cultured and shows tolerance to many nations. It should not forget that US society consists of multiple nations. Therefore, I see no point in making such an awful exception for the Latin nation. It’s necessary to find compromises and live in peace with this and other nations.

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