Experience the New World Casino-Style with These Five Offerings

By 22 May, 2020

When you think of the word ‘gambling’, the likes of Las Vegas and Macau spring to mind, but one area of the world which has untapped potential is that of South America. An incredible continent full of diverse cultures, South America also boasts some superb gambling hotspots that will leave you wanting more.

Despite the increasing dominance of online gambling, land-based casinos still provide fantastic entertainment and an all-round experience. Throughout the world wide web, an online casino or online bingo site can be accessed at the touch of a button, but sometimes, nothing can beat the feel of a living, breathing casino. And, these five South American structures are a must-see.

Atlantic City Casino, Peru

Home to the brilliant capital Lima, Peru is a great place to gamble and its Atlantic City Casino is on the top of the list. Atlantic City is one of the most popular places for gamblers in South America and is there any reason why?

Not only is the casino a stunning sight from the outside, inside, the casino is also a major hit with the paying public. Complimentary drinks and food for patrons are served whereas it is actually a spot for socialising with like-minded people.

Trilenium Casino, Argentina

One of the biggest casinos on the continent, the Trilenium Casino in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, is stupendous in size and its offerings. Nearly 250,000 square feet of structure, the Trilenium boasts over 1,800 different gaming machines and tables over three floors.

Well-known for its entertaining games tournaments and bigger-is-better atmosphere, the Trilenium is certainly one to tick off the list. Read more info of the Soi cầu xổ số 3 miền hàng ngày dễ trúng HOT nhất ở KU Việt nha các bác: https://kuviet.com/soi-cau/.

City Centre Rosario, Argentina

Another of Argentina’s colossals, the City Centre Rosario in Santa Fe is an astounding piece of engineering. One of South America’s most imposing casinos, the Rosario plays host to nearly 3000 slot machines. But, alongside its gambling cacophony, it has restaurants as well as a five-star hotel with a mall and convention centre. So, the Rosario is definitely the all-round casino experience.

Monticello Grand Casino, Chile

The so-called “Country of Poets”, Chile is home to a gambling extravaganza too in the shape of the Monticello Grand Casino. The city of San Francisco de Mostazal is the host as a multitude of gambling opportunities awaits at the Monticello. Not too intimidating for the beginner, but just as striking for the experienced gambler, the Monticello is a big hit with the public.

Veneto (A Wyndham Grand Hotel) in Via Espana, Panama

Often dubbed the “Crossroads of the World”, Panama’s offering comes in the shape of Veneto, situated in the financial district and in close proximity to the beaches as well, making it an ideal getaway. The gambling possibilities are endless at the Veneto with poker, baccarat, craps and slots just some of the offerings, and, even for sports fans, betting opportunities are in abundance. There truly is something for everyone.

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