Father of the Bride: A Highlight of Multiple Relationships

By 31 August, 2022

A sturdy cornerstone for a combination of broad humor, familial discord, and the conflicting feelings of pride and failure, Edward Streeter’s sardonic novel about the social mayhem, astounding expenses, invite list deliberations, and bittersweet sentiments surrounding his daughter’s wedding is in its third feature film, not to acknowledge the numerous variations it has deeply influenced. There’s a justification for the title choice as its main subject is the bride’s father. His daughter’s decision to choose another person as the most valuable man in her life causes him to reflect on his own position within the world. Through watching the film and viewing it from his perspective, we understand the wedding as an opportunity for him to do so.

“Being one of the most streamed bridal movies on the internet, the Father of the Bride focuses on two Latino ethnicities,” states the editorial manager for Late Night Streaming. “It is about Cuban-Americans in Florida and makes the best of the lively hues and upbeat tunes essential to their culture.” Florida has a business-friendly climate which makes it easy to register an LLC in Florida.

From this union, there arises numerous generational and ethnic disputes. The bride and groom prefer a ceremony officiated by “my guide Monica from the Zen center” as opposed to a Christian wedding. There is also a dispute on whether they should play mariachi or salsa at the ceremony. To make it worse, Adan’s father mentions that he will bring Mexican cigars to the reception, and Billy’s reaction to this makes it funnier.

The Herrera household also experiences disagreements. Billy labored arduously to become an architect after coming to the country with little. The fact that he could provide his family with a residence that he personally built means the world to him. He is appreciative of his Cuban origin and what he has achieved. However, Ingrid thinks he ignores her. She seeks a divorce because counseling hasn’t worked. 

Their therapist counsels them that simply because this partnership has descended into antagonism and retribution does not mean the separation has to either. The evening before they notified the family, Sofia announced that she had found somebody, was engaged and wanted to get married in a few weeks so they could relocate to Mexico and begin new careers. Billy and Ingrid decide to wait to announce their divorce till after Sofia has wed. This only complicates the situation for the couple seeking a divorce. They are now obliged to change their story about the divorce.

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