Gambling in Latin America

By 14 February, 2020

The whole world is gambling, but each continent has its own traditions and laws. Therefore, the gambling business of each region is different. The gambling business in Latin America is very interesting for large companies in this niche, but how much are Latin America countries ready for online gambling?

It is believed that the gambling laws of this region are outdated. The most developed country in the field of gambling is Argentina, followed by Colombia, Mexico and Chile. Brazil is famous for having the largest illegal gambling market. However, if you want to play legaly you should check modern gambling sites with licenses.

Bolivian gambling market

The region has all the conditions for a good casino. In the region there are more than 10 thousand slot machines. The region operates under liberal laws. In these places, the rule is established: the number of gaming establishments depends on the population. But in Bolivia this law does not apply, operators can open gambling establishments without restrictions. But still, there are countries where the gaming culture is higher and the number of casinos is greater (if you are really interested in gambling sphere, you should visit the Bgaoc website).

Argentine game market

The country has more than 100 gaming establishments. Online casinos flourish legally. Depending on the area, casinos work according to their own rules. In the capital, gamblers will not find entertainment, since the legislation did not allow gaming activities there.

The largest casino in the world operates in this country – Trilenium Casino de Tigre. The institution has slot machines, the total number of which is 1800, and many gaming tables.

Colombian gaming market

The updated law of 2016 does not impose restrictions on operators at the time of obtaining licenses. Here, an open type of licensing is practiced. 3 years ago, the state legalized almost all types of gambling, which greatly contributed to the prosperity of the gaming business. The first license for an modern gambling sites establishment was issued in 2017. Big profits come from casinos and bingo. The following is income from virtual establishments. To date, 17 online operators legally work in Colombia. The country is conducting an operation to combat the “gray” gambling market.

Chilean gaming market

The impetus for the development of the gaming market in the country was the gaming exhibition. Over the course of a couple of years, the casino has brought the largest income. But recently, lotteries began to gain popularity. The country has introduced the practice of check lotteries, so it not only develops the gambling market, but also controls sellers.

Mexican gaming market

Officials are actively working on a bill that provides for the issuance of licenses only to online operators. Interestingly, in addition to traditional gambling, gamers are increasingly choosing baccarat. A large gambling house flourishes in the country, the interior of which resembles old Chicago. The state also wants to make the tax equal for land and online operators. Officials are thinking of adding excise tax. Recently, the popular operator Bet365 has entered the Mexican market.

Other gaming markets

Countries such as Uruguay, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Panama cannot boast of new gaming solutions or the active development of the market.

No online games allowed in Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay. But at the same time, no one controls the gaming activity on the network, so the residents of these countries freely use the services of illegal operators. And the laws in these countries have not been updated for a long time. But in Peru and Panama, modern gambling sites is allowed. However, the residents of these countries prefer to play in offshore institutions.

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