Here are the 3 most incredible Latin America-inspired animated movies to watch

By 28 February, 2024

Each country has a story to tell, and a unique culture that makes it different from the others. France, for instance, stands out through its romantic identity. India is known for its religious rituals that are truly important for people. Japan is instantly associated with manga and anime, and its incredible culture has not only inspired movies and books, but also the creation of collectibles. Now, fans can buy their yu-gi-oh Pops! as a way to showcase their love for Japan and their favorite manga series.

When it comes to Latin America, its folklore is a gold mine for every writer who needs inspiration for their next masterpiece. In Latin American countries, passing down legends from one generation to another through the art of storytelling has helped preserved beautiful traditions, such as Dia de Muertos, which commemorates the lives of the dead, or Fiesta de Quinceañera, which is a rite of passage that celebrates the transformation of a young girl into a Latina.

All those Hispanic legends have given rise to many impressive works that capture the beauty and essence of Latin America. It’s impossible that you have not heard of “Encanto,” which is such a beautiful representation of Colombian culture. The animated movie made waves after its launch, becoming the most-watched film of 2022. It explored fascinating themes like family, healing and the power of forgiving, reflecting Latin culture joyously. We believe everyone should watch this animated movie, as it tells a beautiful tale, inviting you to reflect on fundamental psychological aspects like intergenerational trauma and mental health. But Encanto is by no means the only movie worth watching on a relaxing evening. Below are our top three picks of engaging Latin America movies to add to your list.

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If you’re looking for a movie that delivers both great humor and emotion, look no further than Up. It’s a heartfelt classic Disney movie that stays in your heart forever once you watch it. It perfectly blends imaginative storytelling with visual designs, reflecting the beauty and messiness of life and reminding you that every day counts and you should make the most of this very moment. The movie’s plot is centered around Carl, an old man grieving the death of the love of his life, Ellie. Carl still lives in his old house, but he is forced to live in a retirement home instead, and the old man takes this as a chance to fulfill the promise he once made to his beloved wife: to travel to Paradise Falls. That’s how he decides to embark on a journey by creating his own airship. Along the way, he meets Russell, and as the two form a meaningful bond, Carl becomes aware of the preciousness of the moments he lived: both the past and the present ones. So, in short, the message of the movie is that, in the end, what matters in life is the relationships you build with others and learning to appreciate them before they are gone.

Up is a movie that appeals to viewers of all ages and will delight the entire family. Besides, it showcases the beautiful landscapes of Venezuela through Paradise Falls, inspired by The Formaciones de Tepuyes, which scientists have described as the most vulnerable nature reserve on Earth. So, get ready to explore stunning Venezuela right from your seat, and don’t forget to put some tissues close by – you will need them!


Here’s another masterpiece that plays a tribute to family, just like Encanto does: Coco. This Disney-Pixar film is simply mesmerizing: a love letter to Mexico that illustrates the importance of knowing about your heritage. The film follows a young boy called Miguel, who belongs to a strict Mexican family who is initially presented as antagonistic due to their hatred of music. On the contrary, Miguel is very passionate about music and dreams of following the same path as his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, who he thinks was a great musician. The boy ends up accidentally in the Land of the Dead, and that’s how a mysterious chain of events begins. Along the way, Miguel meets trickster Hector, and the two set off on a journey to discover Miguel’s real family history.

There are many fascinating things about Coco, and one of them is the stunning visuals! The filmmakers have done a great job creating the two worlds: the land of the dead and the land of the living. Both lands incorporate details that create spectacular settings for such an emotional story that Coco is. The film focuses on the importance of family, which is part of Latin culture – and Coco perfectly illustrates the beauty of honoring ancestors. Not to mention that it’s such a culturally enriching masterpiece through its representation of the Day of the Dead, leaving you wanting to learn more about this tradition! Lastly, Coco is a reminder to seize your moment, inviting you to reflect on an essential question: are you willing to go the extra mile to follow your passion? But, why not discover for yourself all that Coco has to offer? If you haven’t watched this incredible film yet, now it’s the time to do so – we promise it will change your perception of life and death.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Who would have thought that Miles Morales would become the Latino superhero we never thought we needed? Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse has made milestones, and its success was well-deserved. Besides its superb visuals, it was refreshing to see the film teaching a lesson about mental health through Miles’ anxiety attack and the struggle that comes from being a superhero. The colors in the movie evoke emotion, character, and mood, illustrating all the different worlds of the different Spider-People. It’s just stunning.

Behind this masterpiece are Latin Americans and U.S. Latinos, who gave life to the story of Miles Morales and created diverse leading characters in the film, which is something that you rarely see in Hollywood. The animators played around with different details to showcase the characters’ Puerto Rican and Mexican ancestry ( for example, the Puerto Rico flag that pops up on the screen when Miles’ mother scolds him for his poor Spanish grades or the luchadores figurines). Just as the movie’s creators said, Miles is a relatable character for migrants who had to start a new chapter in another country while figuring out everything. Having Miles come to the scene and break the mold is amazing and definitely empowering, especially considering Spider-Man’s enduring popularity in Latin America. Without a doubt, you won’t want to miss out on this masterpiece: Miles Morales is a different kind of hero ( unlike any other Spider-Man) who teaches us that anyone can be a hero in their own life.


There you have it: three wonderful, animated movies that will help you discover the beauty of Latin America! So, grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in these fascinating stories! Warning: you could fall in love with Latin America’s culture and once you do, there’s no turning back: you’ll have no choice but to dive deeper into it.

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